Trademark: RegSilk Protein 2297978
RegSilk Protein
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
02 September 2022
Registration Date
02 September 2022
Renewal Date
02 September 2032

Alder IP Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 24:
Adhesive fabric; Adhesive fabric for application by heat; Apparel fabrics; Badges made of fabric material; Ballistic resistant fabrics; Bedroom textile fabrics; Breathable waterproof fabrics; Broad woven industrial fabrics; Chemical fibre loop knit fabrics; Chemical fibre mixed fabrics; Chenille fabric; Coated fabrics; Cotton fabrics; Crepe (fabric); Curtain fabrics; Elastic woven fabrics; Embroidered lace fabrics; Embroidery fabric; Esparto fabric; Fabric; Fabric coated with rubber or plastics; Fabric covers; Fabric curtains; Fabric for footwear; Fabric for manufacturing men's outerwear; Fabric for manufacturing women's outerwear; Fabric for use in the manufacture of bags; Fabric for use in the manufacture of clothing; Fabric imitating animal skins; Fabric linings for clothing; Fabric linings for footwear; Fabric linings for headgear; Fabric place mats; Fabric straps for use in securing babies to change tables; Fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons; Fabric, rubberised or otherwise impervious to gases; Fabrics (piece goods); Fabrics being textile goods in roll form; Fabrics being textile piece goods; Fabrics covered with motifs to be embroidered; Fabrics for furniture; Fabrics for industrial use; Fabrics for interior decorating; Fabrics for making curtains; Fabrics for shirts; Fabrics for textile use; Fabrics for use in making diapers; Fabrics made from synthetic threads; Fabrics made from synthetic yarns; Fiberglass fabrics for textile use; Fibreglass fabrics for textile use; Fibrous fabrics for insulation purposes; Fitted toilet cistern covers (fabric); Fitted toilet lid covers (fabric); Flame resistant fabrics; Flannel (fabric); Flocked fabrics; Furnishing fabrics; Furnishing fabrics being textile piece goods; Grid-type fabrics; Heat resistant fabrics (other than for insulation); Hemp fabric; Horticultural fabrics; Industrial fabrics; Inorganic fibre mixed fabrics; Jersey (fabric); Jute fabric; Kashmir fabric; Knit lace fabrics; Knitted elastic fabrics; Knitted fabric; Lace fabrics; Laminated fabrics; Lining fabric for footwear; Lingerie fabric; Lining fabrics; Loop knit fabrics; Markers (labels) of cloth for textile fabrics; Mixed and synthetic fabrics; Woven silk fabrics; Woven linen fabrics; Woven furnishing fabrics; Woven fabrics imitating leather; Woven fabrics imitating animal skin; Woven fabrics for making up into articles of clothing; Woven fabrics for furniture; Woven fabrics for cushions; Worsted fabrics; Woollen fabric; Wool loop knit fabrics; Waterproof textile fabrics; Window furnishing fabrics; Waterproof fabrics; Water resistant fabrics; Water breathable fabrics; Wall fabrics; Vapour permeable fabrics; Upholstery fabrics; Textile fabrics in the piece; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of wall coverings; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of towels; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of sportswear; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of furniture; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of curtains; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of beds; Textile fabrics for use in the manufacture of bedding; Textile fabrics for making up into household textile articles; Textile fabrics for making into linens; Textile fabrics for making into clothing; Textile fabrics for making into blankets; Tensioning fabrics for upholstery; Silk fabrics for printing patterns; Silk fabrics for furniture; Shirt fabrics; Rubberised fabrics; Rubber covered yarn fabrics; Reusable wax coated fabrics for wrapping food; Resin impregnated textile fabrics; Reinforced fabrics (textile); Rayon fabric; Ramie fabric; Printed fabrics; Polymer coated fabrics; Plastic reinforced fabrics; Plastic material (substitute for fabrics); Paper fabrics; Non-woven textiles fabrics; Non-woven textile fabrics; Non-woven fabrics of synthetic fibres; Non-woven fabrics of natural fibres; Non-woven fabrics made substantially of paper; Multiple-ply antistatic fabrics; Moquettes (fabric); Moleskin (fabric)