Trademark: SONEPAR 2261813
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 December 2021
Registration Date
03 December 2021
Renewal Date
03 December 2031


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Connectors [electricity]; electric circuits; electric wires and cables; electric ducts; electric batteries; electrical branch boxes; electronic components; semi-conductors; memory cards, integrated circuits, switches, magnets; electrical transformers; electrical socket covers; electric control panels; electric counters; electrical adapters; electric circuit breakers, temperature control apparatus [electric contactors]; electric switches; inductors [electricity]; armatures [electricity]; rheostats; voltage surge protectors; electric light dimmers; choking coils [impedance]; overload relays; thermostat; current rectifiers; electron rays; electricity distribution cabinets; electricity distribution consoles; electric junction boxes; electric relays; fuses; doorbell buttons and doorbells; luminous beacons; ballasts for electric lighting installations; signaling panels, luminous or mechanical; neon lights [signals]; flashlights [photography]; optical lamps; darkroom lamps (photography); fluorescent screens; optical lamps; signal lanterns; power supply units; compact disk players; electronic card readers; electronic door locks; hardware for electronic driving assistance systems; optical fibers [light conducting filaments]; insulated copper wire; coaxial cables; starter cables for motors; sheaths for electric cables; computer hardware; sensors; identification threads for electric wires; magnetic wires; electrical annunciators; pressure indicator plugs for valves; pressure gages; pressure switches [gages]; computers; computer keyboards; computer memory devices; peripherals adapted for use with computers; magnetic recording media; printers; data communication and computer networking equipment; production checks; security alarms; safety helmets; security cameras; life saving and protecting equipment; devices for safety, security, protection and signaling; fire extinguishers; safety gloves for protection against accidents or injury; safety clothing for protection against accidents or injury; lightning conductors; lightning conductors; antennas; electric or electronic apparatus and instruments for security; electric sirens; metal detectors for industrial or military use; smoke detectors; acoustic [sound] alarms; anti-theft warning apparatus; fire alarms; scientific apparatus and instruments; nautical apparatus and instruments; surveying apparatus and instruments; electronic apparatus and instruments; photographic apparatus and instruments; optical apparatus and instruments; weighing apparatus and instruments; measuring apparatus and instruments; signaling apparatus and instruments; checking (supervision) apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for life-saving; teaching apparatus and instruments; electrical apparatus and instruments, namely, apparatus and instruments for conducting electricity distribution; telephones; mobile telephones; sound recording apparatus; apparatus for image recording; image transmission apparatus; sound transmission apparatus; sound reproduction apparatus; image reproduction apparatus; magnetic recording media; sound recording disks; water level indicators; magnetic encoders; microphones; stereo amplifiers; loudspeakers; cabinets for loudspeakers; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; electric or electronic apparatus for monitoring electric power consumption; electric or electronic apparatus for analyzing signals, current and voltage; electronic apparatus for data processing; signal transmission apparatus; telerupters; measuring apparatus and instruments; voltmeters; ammeters; circuit testing instruments; temperature indicators; speed indicators; testing apparatus not for medical use; home automation devices; cell and battery charger accessories; solar batteries; cell and battery chargers; battery testers; batteries; rechargeable batteries; galvanic batteries; solar panels; photovoltaic apparatus for converting solar radiation to electrical energy; photovoltaic modules; enterprise resource planning software (ERP); software for cloud computing; artificial intelligence software; big-data management software; machine learning software for analysis; software for building automation; home automation systems; system for industrial automation; software for industrial automation; automation systems; software for automation; engine diagnostic apparatus; software for computers; computer networks; software; software applications for mobile telephones; 3-D animation software; computer databases; cloud server software.
Class 11:
Electric radiators; electric boilers; heat accumulator instruments for heating [solar energy]; heating apparatus; coils (parts of distillation, heating or cooling installations); water heaters; heat regenerators; heat exchanger; heat pumps; heaters for baths; heating plates; solar thermal collectors [heating]; heat accumulators; heat pumps; steam generating apparatus; cooking apparatus; refrigeration apparatus; water distribution apparatus; sanitary installations; in-line valves; evaporators; hot plates; cookers (cooking stoves); freezers; ice machines and apparatus; microwave ovens; sterilizers; filters for drinking water; electric pressure cookers; heaters for feeding bottles; kettles; barbecues; ice-cube machines and apparatus; ovens; electric wine cellars; bread toasters; electric coffee machines; electric coffee percolators; hair dryers; sinks; drying apparatus; ventilation apparatus; air driers; ionization apparatus for air treatment; air-purifying apparatus and machines; air deodorizing apparatus; air cooling devices; air conditioning apparatus; air filters for air conditioning; air reheaters; humidifiers for central heating radiators; ventilation hoods; extractor hoods for kitchens; Chinese lanterns; chandeliers; lighting apparatus; electric lamps; lamps; solar-powered lamps; floor lamps; laboratory lamps; security lights; filaments for electric lamps; arc lamps; lamp glasses; lamp hanging supports; lamp reflectors; lamp shades; ceiling lights; luminous tubes for lighting; sockets for electric lamps; electric flashlights; flashlights; light diffusers; diving lights; lamps for projection apparatus; lighting apparatus for vehicles; fluorescent lighting tubes; electric light bulbs.
Class 35:
Advertising; distribution of prospectuses, of samples; rental of advertising material; demonstration of goods; presentation of goods on all communication media for retailing; organization of fairs, exhibitions, trade fairs and job fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; business advice, information or inquiries, human resources management; commercial and industrial company operational assistance; taxation consultancy (accounting); commercial business expertise; commercial business appraisal, market studies; commercial administration; consulting with respect to advertising and promotional services; business management consulting in the field of executive and manager development; business information; commercial information and advice for consumers relating to choice of goods and services; commercial advisory and commercial management services in the information technology sector; providing consumer products advice in the field of software; sales promotion for third parties; tracking and monitoring energy consumption for others; tracking and monitoring of energy consumption for others for auditing purposes; assistance and advisory services in the field of commercial management of companies in the energy sector; tracking and monitoring energy consumption for others; compilation of information into computer databases; computerized file management services; web site traffic optimization; data management services; analysis of commercial data; computer file management; systematization of information in computer databases; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; establishing statistics; wholesale and retail of apparatus and instruments for conducting, distributing, connecting, transforming, accumulating, regulating, measuring, monitoring or controlling electrical current, including electric cables and conduits; wholesale and retail services for apparatus and products for lighting, heating, air conditioning, air cooling and electric household appliances; wholesale and retail services for tools and instruments for cutting, cutting out, drilling, measuring, clamping, crimping, unwinding, stripping and drawing wires, sheaths and cables, soldering, filing, bricklaying, manually or electrically operated; wholesale and retail services for screw, nut and bolt products and products for mechanical or chemical fixing; wholesale and retail services for flexible pipes, insulating or insulator products and materials; wholesale and retail services for apparatus and instruments for the monitoring and security of persons, property, access and sites; wholesale and retail services for apparatus and installations for the remote control of electrical apparatus, lighting apparatus, heating or air-conditioning apparatus and installations, apparatus and installations for home automation, building automation and for the remote control of industrial automation processes; wholesale and retail services for apparatus for recording, transmitting, reproducing sound, images or data including apparatus and instruments for communication; wholesale and retail services for computer hardware including computer peripherals, cables and connector plugs for computer hardware and installations; wholesale services for computer software; retail sale services in the field of computer software; procurement of contracts for energy supply; data search in computer files for others.
Class 37:
Installation of construction automation equipment; building maintenance, cleaning of commercial premises; laundering services; installation, maintenance and repair of lighting apparatus; repair of lighting apparatus; installation and repair of heating apparatus; installation and repair of air-conditioning apparatus; installation and repair of air-cooling apparatus; installation and repair of electric apparatus; installation, maintenance and repair of computer network and information technology equipment; installation of residential solar panel energy systems, installation of industrial and commercial solar panel energy systems; installation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations; installation, servicing, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and commissioning services for energy, heating, heat storage or recovery, ventilation, water supply, climatic control and air conditioning installations; installation, programming and maintenance of home automation systems, as well as programmable automatons for energy performance, consumption control or management of smart networks; installation, maintenance and repair of transport pipelines, energy supply or storage; installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of protection equipment for property and individuals, particularly fire protection systems; information, supervision and advice relating to the construction and supervision of the construction and repair of homes, buildings or industrial and tertiary equipment for improving and managing power consumption; remote management services for storage facilities and distribution networks for gas, heat or electricity; advisory services relating to the maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical equipment; advice with respect to civil engineering [construction]; construction of public works; rental of construction tools; rental of cranes [construction machinery]; provision of information relating to the construction, repair and maintenance of buildings.
Class 42:
Technical advisory, consulting and research services in the field of equipment and installations for conducting, distributing, transforming, accumulating, regulating, measuring or controlling electricity; technical research, advice and consultancy in the field of apparatus, equipment and installations for lighting, ventilating, heating or air cooling; technical advisory, consulting and research services in the field of home automation, building automation and industrial process controls; advice, consultancy and research in the field of security and remote monitoring of persons and goods, industrial installations or service activities and private residences; advice and technical studies for assessing technical performance, for the analysis of accounting and possibilities for integrating electrical equipment into complex electrical installations; technical advice in the choice of electrical and industrial equipment likely to meet technical requirements specified in technical specifications; quality control; technical design and expertise in the fields of electric, wind, solar, hydraulic, geothermal, thermal, climatic, renewable energy production; advice relating to product development; advice relating to technological research; technical consultancy in the field of environmental engineering; consulting related to environmental pollution; technical advice with respect to information technology; security, protection and restoration of information technology; consulting services relating to man-machine interfaces for software; consulting services relating to computer programming; consultancy services with respect to computer database programs; consulting services in energy consumption; advice with respect to energy saving; technical information and advice regarding energy, control of energy; evaluation of environmental risks; technical project studies in the field of computer hardware and software; testing of materials; recording of data concerning energy consumption in buildings; research in the field of environmental protection; technological research; analysis and testing services with respect to electrical engineering apparatus; engineering services; research in the field of artificial intelligence technology; industrial technical analysis and research relating to home automation and smart networks; energy auditing; technical design of new products and services in the field of electrical equipment and installations, and in the field of tools; technical design and technical project management for the development of lighting equipment; design and development of photovoltaic systems; design, development and programming of software; design of diagnostic apparatus and equipment; graphic arts design services; project management in the field of information technology; management of computer projects; engineering project management services; computer project management in the field of electronic data processing [EDP]; Engineering services and analysis, research and technical expertise in the field of energy; provision of virtual computer systems through cloud computing; cloud computing services; artificial intelligence advice; remote monitoring of computer systems; development of computer hardware; data mining; hosting of servers; electronic data storage; digitization [scanning] of sounds and images; computer system analysis; computer rental; integration of computer systems and networks; software rental; computer server management; analysis of technical data.