Trademark: EVERY AVENUE 2253810
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 March 2022
Registration Date
03 March 2022
Renewal Date
03 March 2032

Ashurst Australia

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Adhesive pads (stationery); Adhesive paper tags; Adhesive stickers; Adhesive printed stickers; Adhesive tapes (stationery); Articles for writing; Articles for drawing; Articles for use in writing; Articles of stationery; Ballpoint pen refills; Ballpoint pens; Black lead pencils; Books; Books for children; Books for colouring purposes; Calendars; Cases for pencils; Cases for pens; Chalk for use in drawing; Children's books; Christmas cards; Craft paper; Craft papers; Crayons; Craft kits for painting/posters; Desk calendars; Desk diaries; Desk note pads; Desk organisers; Diaries; Diaries (printed matter); Drawing apparatus; Drawing pads; Drawing paper; Drawing pens; Drawing sets; Drawing stencils; Envelopes (stationery); Erasers (stationery); Exercise books; Felt markers (writing instruments); Felt pens; Files (stationery); Gift boxes; Gift cards of paper; Gift packaging; Gift paper; Gift papers; Gift stationery; Gift tags; Gift wrap; Greeting cards; Inking pads; Ink sticks; Inks (stationery); Marker pens; Marking chalk; Marking crayons; Materials for drawing; Materials for gift wrapping (paper); Materials for gift wrapping (plastics); Materials for writing; Memo blocks (paper); Memo pads; Modelling clay; Modelling compounds; Modelling dough; Napery (paper); Napery of paper; Napkins made of paper for household use; Note blocks (stationery); Note books; Note cards; Note pads; Notebooks; Pads (stationery); Pads (writing); Pads for applying paint; Passport cases; Passport covers; Passport holders; Passport holders (covers); Pastels (crayons); Pen refills; Pen sets; Pencil cases; Pencils; Pins (stationery); Stationery; Stationery goods; Stationery holders for desks; Stationery materials; Stationery paper; Stencil pads; Stencil plates; Stencil rulers; Stencils; Stencils (stationery); Sticker activity books; Stickers (decalcomanias); Stickers (stationery); Stickers of paper; Stickers of plastic