Trademark: 2249605
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
16 February 2022
Registration Date
16 February 2022
Renewal Date
16 February 2032

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Computer software for retail merchandising and the technical production of informational materials, namely, computer software for pricing products; electronic security and surveillance systems comprising magnetic sensors, magnetic tags, and magnetic tag deactivators; electronic access control systems for securing corporate assets, namely, access control cards, access control card readers, computers for operating and controlling electronic access control systems, and computer programs for running electronic access control systems; closed circuit television systems for tracking assets comprising televisions, controllers, cameras, and computers and computer programs for operating and controlling closed circuit television systems; radio frequency identification and surveillance systems for monitoring the location and control of assets comprised of radio frequency readers, radio frequency tags, and computers and computer programs for operating radio frequency identification and surveillance systems; electronic security tags for attachment to consumer products in retail stores; electronic surveillance systems comprising electronic article surveillance antennas for monitoring assets; radio frequency identification and surveillance systems for monitoring assets, comprised of radio frequency readers and radio frequency identification tags; downloadable or recorded computer software to maintain and operate electronic surveillance systems for use in connection with the aforementioned goods; electronic security tags made primarily of plastic with and without alarming features to prevent theft of merchandise at retail stores; electronic protection equipment, namely, apparatus for detecting articles being removed and locating lost articles