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Fancy, Figurative
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Application Date
11 February 2022
Registration Date
11 February 2022
Renewal Date
11 February 2032

Collison & Co

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Class 35:
Marketing; Advertising; Promotional marketing; Market research; Market canvassing; Product marketing; Marketing information; Marketing forecasting; Marketing research; Marketing analysis; Market analysis; Marketing advice; Marketing consultancy; Event marketing; Market studies; Targeted marketing; Market research and marketing studies; Market research and market analysis; Market campaigns; Marketing campaigns; Financial marketing; Direct marketing; Market surveys; Online marketing; Marketing consulting; Database marketing; Market prospecting; Digital marketing; Marketing assistance; Market forecasting; Marketing services; Referral marketing; Affiliate marketing; Internet marketing; Marketing studies; Advertising and marketing; Market assessment services; Business marketing services; Market reporting services; Marketing by telephone; Direct market advertising; Market research studies; Market analysis services; Market study services; Market research consultancy; Market study and analysis of market studies; Market information services relating to market statistics; Marketing management advice; Market survey analysis; Direct marketing services; Market analysis studies; Grain market analysis; Marketing consultation services; Marketing plan development; Conducting marketing studies; Market analysis reports; Market segmentation consultation; Marketing analysis services; Analysis of markets; Direct marketing consulting; Market assessment consultancy; Marketing agency services; Market reporting consultancy; Computerised market research; Conducting market surveys; Marketing research services; Market research services; Real estate marketing; Marketing advisory services; Market intelligence services; Business marketing consultancy; Advertising and marketing consultancy; Provision of marketing information; Investigations of marketing strategy; Search engine marketing services; Market research and analysis; Advertising and marketing services; Conducting of marketing studies; Esti; mations for marketing purposes; Real estate marketing analysis; Marketing research or analysis; Preparation of marketing surveys; Computerized market research services; Market opinion polling studies; Market research data analysis; Analysis relating to marketing; Market analysis and research; Conducting of market research; Marketing research and analysis; Providing market intelligence services; Analysis of marketing trends; Business marketing consultation services; Providing market research statistics; Provision of marketing reports; Administration relating to marketing; Preparation of marketing plans; Consumer market information services; Business analysis of markets; Planning of marketing strategies; Market reports and studies; Business and market research; Market research for advertising; Providing business marketing information; Consultancy relating to marketing; Design of marketing surveys; Business marketing consulting services; Market investigation via the telephone; Statistical evaluations of marketing data; Market research data collection services; Trade marketing [other than selling]; Market research data retrieval services; Market research and business analyses; Market research and analysis services; Preparation of market analysis reports; Personnel management of marketing personnel; Advice concerning chemical product marketing; Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Business promotion services; Advertising, promotional and marketing services; Analysis of market research data; Collection of market research information; Advisory services relating to marketing; Marketing (Business advice relating to -); Preparation of reports for marketing; Market surveys conducted by telephone; Market research services for publishers; Provision of market research information; Planning services for marketing studies; Telephone marketing services [not selling]; Interviewing for qualitative market research; Analysis of market research statistics; Marketing, advertisin; g and promotion services; Market analysis and research services; Providing marketing information via websites; Interviewing for market research purposes; Advice relating to marketing management; Interpretation of market research data; Advertising, marketing and promotional services; Professional consultancy relating to marketing; Business consultancy.