Trademark: AQITTURA 2248061
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
01 December 2021
Registration Date
01 December 2021
Renewal Date
01 December 2031


Goods and Services:
Class 11:
Water supply equipment and sanitary installations; mixing valves being part of sanitary installations; manually and automatically controlled fittings for water inlets and outlets; taps for washstands, for bidets and for sink units, taps for tubs and showers; showers, shower bars, shower holders, overhead showers, lateral-jet showers, hand held showers, all the aforesaid fittings and showers also being electronically controlled, being digital and/or being touch-controlled fittings and showers; shower heads, water-saving shower heads; shower hoses; shower sets consisting of hand shower, shower bar and shower hose; shower combinations consisting of overhead shower and/or hand shower, shower bar, shower hose and mixer tap; showers, floor-level showers; shower cubicles; shower systems; inflow and outflow fittings, and drainage and overflow fittings for sanitary basins, for washstands, for sink units, for bidets, for bathtubs and for shower trays; shower drains, shower drains for floor-level showers, shower drainage channels; regulating apparatus for water supply apparatus and sanitary installations; control equipment for water supply apparatus and sanitary installations; sanitary ware, sanitary tubs and sanitary basins, bathtubs, shower trays, floor-level shower trays; whirlpool tubs, wash basins, urinals, bidets; vanity units incorporating basins [connected to the water supply]; toilets, toilets with washing functions, toilet bowls, toilet seats, toilet lids, flushing tanks; water treatment installations, water purifying installations; apparatus and equipment for the treatment of water and greywater; disinfectant apparatus; equipment, apparatus and installations for filtering, softening or chilling of water and drinking water; equipment, apparatus and installations for carbonating water and drinking water, being parts of water supply apparatus and sanitary installations; filters for treatment of water and drinking water; filters for water purifiers; filters for water and drinking water, filters for water pipes; uv light water treatment apparatus (not for medical purposes); dispensing apparatus and tap devices for water and drinking water; kitchen sinks; sinks and built-in sinks; sink units; sink strainers; flow shapers and flow regulators for sanitary water outlets; water sockets for sanitary installations; installation and fastening parts for sanitary installations, not of metal, as far as included in this class; parts and accessories for the aforesaid goods.