Trademark: ODO 2238663
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
27 September 2021
Registration Date
27 September 2021
Renewal Date
27 September 2031


Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Printed materials, namely, books, magazines and newsletters all featuring educational themes and entertainment directed to children, parents and families; coloring books; comic books; teachers' guides featuring educational themes and entertainment directed to children, parents and families; address books; personal organizers; autograph books; baby books; birthday books; diaries; paper book covers; bookends; bookmarks; book plates; printed charts; paperweights; photo albums; photographs; stationery; writing paper; writing tablets; note cards; notebooks; ring binders; notepads; folders; document portfolios; stationery-type portfolios; postcards; greeting cards; pens; pencils; pen stands; pencil cases; pencil sharpeners; envelopes; erasers; ring binder dividers; rubber stamps; stamp pads; drawing rulers; staplers; adhesive tape for stationery purposes; adhesive tape dispensers; chalk; chalkboards, construction paper, crayons, markers, modeling clay, modeling clay sets comprised of clay and plastic sculpting tools sold as a unit, drawing sets comprised of paper and pencils; arts and crafts paint kits; printing sets consisting of decorative stamps and paper, stencils, easels, storage boxes; calendars; posters; stickers; paper door knob hangers; heat transfer paper; self adhesive decorative seals; vinyl non-sticker decals; vinyl coated memo board; crepe paper, paper gift tags; gift wrapping paper; paper cake decorations; paper centerpieces; paper doilies; paper bags; paper identification tags; paper party decorations; paper party invitations; paper place mats; paper tablecloths; shelf paper; facial tissue, toilet paper; paper baby bibs; bank checks; checkbook covers; address labels; easter egg colouring kits.
Class 28:
Toys, games and playthings, namely, plush toys, dolls, doll clothing and costumes, doll accessories, spools incorporating coiled string which rewind and return to the hand when thrown, hobby craft kits comprising painting sets, action skill games, board games, card games, manipulative puzzles, manipulative games, hand held units for playing electronic games, electronic learning toys, toy film cartridges and viewers, squeeze toys, bath toys, beach toys, multiple activity baby toys, infant toys, baby rattles, puppets, pull toys, ride-on toys, toy vehicles, toy scooters, ice skates, roller skates, sports balls, beach balls, playground balls, toy foam balls, flying discs, jump ropes, kites, wind up toys, balloons, toy building blocks, construction toys, toy banks, toy shovels, toy pails, toys designed to be attached to car seats, toy musical instruments, toy telephones, toy music boxes; toy building structures, toy action figures and accessories therefor, cases for play accessories, toy environments for use with action figures, play sets for action figures, role playing game sets, toy furniture, toy tools; play costume masks; play doll costumes, masquerade games, air mattresses swimming floats for recreational use, inflatable swimming pools, swimming aids, namely, pool rings, arm floats for recreational use, and swim floats for recreational use; playground sand boxes; tennis racquets; snow sleds for recreational use; snow boards; party favors in the nature of small toys; party favors in the nature of crackers and noisemakers; christmas tree decorations, ornaments, and skirts; paper party favors; paper party hats.