Trademark: ATCO MICROGRID 2235453
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
10 December 2021

Minter Ellison

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating, measuring or controlling the distribution or use of electricity; electricity storage apparatus; solar cells for electricity generation; solar collectors and energy collectors for electricity generation; solar energy operating apparatus; solar panels for electricity generation or the production of electricity; solar batteries; energy power systems including electricity generating hydrogen power systems and dual source power systems; electrical and electronic apparatus, devices and systems relating to energy supply and consumption; energy-related apparatus, devices and systems including solar energy apparatus, devices and systems, all in this class; apparatus for managing energy supplies; devices for measuring energy; electrical apparatus (other than generators) for use in energy supply; control panels comprising electrical apparatus; panels for the connection of electricity; panels for the control of electricity; cells (electric); power cells (electric); storage cells (electric); photocells; electric dry cells; rechargeable cells and batteries; fuel cells; galvanic cells and batteries; hydro-electric power cells; dry cells and batteries; batteries; electrical batteries; electric cells; anodes; cathodes; electrodes; anodes in batteries and electrolytic cells; electric storage batteries; storage batteries (electric); storage batteries for lighting; grids for batteries; grid switch panels; plates for batteries; power supply apparatus (batteries); power supply units (batteries); portable power supply apparatus (batteries); power packs (batteries); power sources (batteries); electrochemical power generating devices; battery testers; battery charge indicators; battery chargers; battery adaptors; electric apparatus for charging batteries; cases adapted for batteries; diodes; switch panels (electric); electric power supplies (other than generators); electric power supply units; electrical power adaptors; electric power storage apparatus; switch plates; plates with integrated circuits; electron capture detectors; electron discharge apparatus; electron multipliers; electrical energising apparatus for domestic appliances; surge protection apparatus; voltage surge protectors; meters including for measuring electrical current, resistance and voltage or gaseous flow; metering apparatus including electricity metering apparatus; metering instruments; volt meters; electrical surge arrestors; circuit boards; integrated circuit boards; electric control boards; filters being electrical or electronic components; transformers; power supply units; portable power sources; electric power analysers; power capacitors; power conditioning apparatus; power regulating apparatus; power distributors (electrical); power dividers (electric); power controlling apparatus (electric); power line protectors; electrical power outlet boxes; electrical power supply apparatus (other than generators); electric current adaptors; electrical connection adapters; earthing apparatus; earthing terminals; earth leakage circuit breakers; ceramic parts for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy; reserve electrical power supply apparatus (other than generators); electric power line detectors; cases adapted for power supplies; power stabilisers; consumer type power supplies; equipment; testing equipment; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; software including computer software, application software and interactive software; computer programs; telecommunications apparatus; communications apparatus; data communications apparatus, instruments and installations; apparatus for controlling the storage of data; computer apparatus, installations and networks for the storage of data; electronic publications (downloadable); printed publications in electronically readable form; training guides and manuals in electronic format; instructional apparatus and instruments; instruction programmes for use with computers; instructional materials (apparatus); apparatus for the production of hydrogen or gas mixtures thereof, including by electrolysis, catalysis, thermocatalytic decomposition, steam reforming, dissociation or conversion of proper starting material; including accessories, parts and fittings or systems for all the aforesaid goods in this class; including use of the aforesaid goods in relation to the production, storage or use of hydrogen, energy and/or electricity; including use of the aforesaid goods for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes
Class 11:
Apparatus and installations for lighting and heating including apparatus and installations powered by electricity through solar, battery and/or hydrogen systems; energy related apparatus, installations devices and systems in this class for heating and cooling; lighting or heating apparatus incorporating power sources; uninterruptible power supply generating installations; solar collectors (lighting); solar energy collectors for heating; solar thermal collectors for heating; solar energy powered heating apparatus and installations; solar heating apparatus and installations; solar heating panels; solar panels for use in heating; solar lamp units and lamps; solar powered ventilation apparatus; thermal storage apparatus and instruments (solar energy) for heating; electrical heating elements; electrical heating installations; gas generating installations; gas separating and gas purifying apparatus; gas regulating, mixing and distributing apparatus; heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; heating installations for fluids and gas or for use with gaseous fuels; heating installations for industrial use; water distribution installations; water filtration apparatus and installations; including accessories, parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods in this class; including use of the aforesaid goods in relation to the production, storage or use of hydrogen, energy and/or electricity; including use of the aforesaid goods for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes