Trademark: SALTBUSH CREATIONS 2231408
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
25 November 2021

Felicity Athanasiadis

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Adhesive printed matter; Adhesive printed stickers; Art prints; Diaries (printed matter); Documentation (printed matter); Educational materials in printed form; Engravings (prints); Fine art prints; Framed prints; Graphic prints; Graphics (printed matter); Guides (printed matter); Guides (printed matter) for entertainment purposes; Guides (printed matter) for recreational purposes; Images (printed matter); Individually designed printed brochures; Iron-on-prints of paper; Loose-leaf printed publications; Luggage tickets (printed matter); Memo books (printed matter); Memo boards (printed matter); Partwork printed publications; Photographic prints; Photographs (printed); Planners (printed matter); Plastic covered cards bearing printed matter (not encoded); Posters being printed matter; Print-outs; Printed advertisements; Printed advertising material; Printed advertising publications; Printed artwork; Printed books; Printed books relating to arts; Printed books relating to crafts; Printed books relating to fabric decorating; Printed books relating to painting; Printed cards (other than magnetic or encoded); Printed continuous stationery; Printed cut-out patterns; Printed documents; Printed door knob hang tags; Printed folded sheets containing advertising material; Printed guides; Printed literature; Printed luggage labels of paper or cardboard; Printed maps; Printed material; Printed materials for advertising purposes; Printed materials for audiovisual presentation; Printed matter; Printed matter for advertising purposes; Printed matter for educational purposes; Printed matter for instructional purposes; Printed matter in the form of cards; Printed matter relating to cartoon characters; Printed menus; Printed packaging materials of card; Printed packaging materials of cardboard; Printed packaging materials of paper; Printed packaging materials of plastic; Printed paper; Printed paper patterns; Printed papers; Printed patterns; Printed patterns for costumes; Printed publications; Printed publications containing puzzles; Printed publications for advertising businesses; Printed publications for children; Printed publications relating to children's activities; Printed publications relating to leisure; Printed publications relating to leisure activities; Printed sheets; Printed sheets of paper for mailing purposes; Printed signs of paper; Printed stationery; Printed stencils; Printed stickers; Printed tables; Printed tags (not machine readable); Printed tags for luggage; Prints; Prints (engravings); Prints in the form of engraving; Program documentation (printed matter); Program documentation in the form of printed matter; Programme guides (printed matter); Promotional printed pads; Self-adhesive printed matter; Self-adhesive printed pictures; Tour books (printed matter); Tour guides in the form of printed matter