Trademark: MILA 2228761
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 November 2021
Registration Date
17 November 2021
Renewal Date
17 November 2031

Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 11:
Household air cleaners, air purifying units, humidifiers and dehumidifiers; household combination air purifier and humidifier; air humidifying apparatus; filters for air purifiers; cooking and kitchen apparatus, appliances, equipment and installations in this class; appliances, apparatus, equipment and installations for heating, cooling, drying, steam generating, cooking, lighting, refrigerating, ventilating and water supply in this class; electric coffee and espresso makers; coffee roasting and brewing apparatus; electric coffee makers including espresso and cappuccino coffee makers; coffee and espresso machines, percolators, pots and filters; electrical drip coffee machines; apparatus for filtering and brewing coffee; automatic installations for making coffee; electric coffee brewers; electric coffee filters; electric coffee percolators; electric coffee pots; electrical coffee brewing apparatus; electrical coffee brewing apparatus for household use; electrical coffee brewing apparatus for professional use; electrical coffee making apparatus; electrical coffee pots incorporating percolators; electrically heated apparatus for infusing coffee; electrically operated apparatus for making coffee; electric apparatus for making coffee; electric coffee beverage making apparatus; electric coffee beverage making machines; electrical coffee pots coffee roasting and brewing apparatus; electric snack makers; electric sandwich presses; sandwich toasters; electric toasters; electric toaster ovens; air fryers; benchtop electric ovens; convection ovens; portable cooking appliances, rice cookers, electric saucepans, electric fryware, jaffle cookers, waffle cookers, pastry makers, egg cookers, electric popcorn poppers, sandwich presses and makers, health grills, toaster grills; electric counter top cooking ovens; indoor grills, multipurpose electric countertop food preparation apparatus, namely, a combined electric pressure cooker and air fryer; combination electric steam oven and ai; r fryer, combination electric grill and air fryer; baking machines; automatic bread makers; cake makers; rice cookers; electric slow cookers; electric multi cookers; electric pressure cookers; electric saucepans; pressure cooking saucepans; electric frypans; frying apparatus including deep fryers; electric kettles; urns, electric; electric jugs; apparatus for instant hot water supply; water heating apparatus; water filters; electric cooking utensils; electric food steamers; jaffle cookers; electric waffle makers and electric waffle irons; pastry makers; egg cookers; frozen dessert makers; ice cream making machines; electric popcorn poppers; wine chillers; grills; portable electric grills and barbecues; pizza ovens, woks, skillets and griddles (all powered by electricity); electric coffee makers including espresso and cappuccino coffee makers; coffee and espresso machines, percolators, pots and filters; milk frothers, electric tea makers; hair care apparatus in this class including hair dryers; aromatherapy diffusers; cartridges for filtering water in steam irons; steam producing apparatus including steam stations and generators and garment steamers; foot massaging spa baths; electrical kitchen and food preparation appliances in this class; electrical household appliances for cooling food; installations for cooling; installations for cooling drinking water; installations for the cooling of air; bottle coolers (apparatus); liquid coolers (apparatus); milk coolers; water coolers; water cooling apparatus; electric hot plates; hot plates for cooking; microwave cookers; microwave ovens (cooking apparatus); microwave ovens for domestic use; parts, fittings, components and accessories for the aforesaid goods and other electrical kitchen appliances in this class