Trademark: EVENTX 2220182
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
14 October 2021


Goods and Services:
Class 41:
Conducting of exhibitions for recreation purposes; Arranging and conducting of conferences; Conducting of business conferences; Arranging of conferences; Rental of acoustic recording equipment; Rental of acoustic reproduction equipment; Rental of amplification and sound reinforcement equipment; Rental of audio apparatus; Rental of audio visual apparatus; Music festival services; Arranging of festivals; Rental of theatre lighting; Rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; Rental of show scenery; Show production services; Party decorating; Hire of film projection apparatus; Hire of sound reproducing apparatus; Hire of sound recording apparatus; Hire of theatre scenery; Hire of party decorations; Video equipment hire; Hire of video recording apparatus; Rental of electrical apparatus for the reproduction of video signals; Rental of stage sets; Rental of stage lighting; Production of stage performances; Rental of stage scenery; Hire of stage scenery; Conducting of educational events; Sound engineering services for events; Lighting technician services for events; Video editing services for events; Organisation of exhibitions for entertainment purposes; Rental of entertainment apparatus; Live entertainment production services; Party planning (entertainment); Arranging of exhibitions for entertainment purposes; Amusement machine entertainment services; Entertainer services; Live entertainment; Provision of live entertainment; Provision of non-downloadable audio and video entertainment via electronic or digital transmission; Provision of non-downloadable audio and video entertainment via streaming services; Organisation of entertainment events; Organisation of educational, entertainment, sporting or cultural events being event management services; Organising events for entertainment purposes