Trademark: The Mutapa Times 2217478
The Mutapa Times
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 October 2021
Registration Date
08 October 2021
Renewal Date
08 October 2031

Misheck Junior Mizeko

Goods and Services:
Class 38:
Delivery of messages by audiovisual media; Delivery of messages by electronic media; Interactive services for facilitating the recording of television programmes; Operation of cable television systems; Operation of television cable networks; Provision of access to television via decoding apparatus; Maritime radio-telephone network services; Provision of private mobile radio services; Radio information services; Radio-facsimile services; Radio-paging services; Transmission of television programmes; Provision of facilities for radio receiving and radio transmission; Transmission of data by radio; Transmission of information by radio; Transmission of radio programmes; Transmission of digital media files; Digital transmission services; Transmission of digital files; Audiovisual transmission services; Computer aided transmission of messages and images; Computer data transmission services; Computer-aided transmission of data; Data transmission; Data transmission by electronic mail; Data transmission for others; Electronic instructions transmission services; Electronic message transmission; Electronic transmission of data; Electronic transmission of documents; Electronic transmission of images; Electronic transmission of information; Electronic transmission of messages; Electronic transmission of voices; Facsimile transmission; Satellite transmission; Sending (transmission) of news; Sound transmission via satellite; Teleprinter transmission; Telex transmission; Transmission of computerised data; Transmission of data; Transmission of data by audiovisual apparatus; Transmission of data by cable; Transmission of data by computer; Transmission of data by electronic means; Transmission of data by microwave; Transmission of data by radiopaging; Transmission of data by telefacsimile; Transmission of despatches by electronic means; Transmission of documents by facsimile; Transmission of electronic mail; Transmission of global positioning signals for navigation purposes; Transmission of information by computer; Transmission of information by electronic means; Transmission of information by telephone; Transmission of messages by computer; Transmission of messages by telefacsimile; Transmission of messages by telephone; Transmission of messages by teleprinter; Transmission of messages by telex; Transmission of pictures by satellite; Transmission of podcasts; Transmission of sound by electronic means; Transmission of sound by satellite; Transmission of telephone calls; Transmission of telexes; Transmission of video films; Video transmission services; Video-on-demand transmission; Voice transmission services; News agencies; News agency services; Telegram transmission services; Transmission of messages by telegram; Transmission of telegrams; Sending of telegrams; Singing telegram services; Broadcasting of programmes by satellite; Data broadcasting services; Information services relating to broadcasting; Music broadcasting; Netcasting (broadcasting over a global computer network); News broadcasting; Provision of broadcasting equipment for outside locations; Satellite broadcasting services; Webcasting (broadcasting over a global computer network); Wireless broadcasting; Broadcast of radio programmes; Broadcasting of programmes by radio; Radio broadcasting; Broadcast transmission by satellite; Broadcasting or transmission of recorded messages and information; Cable broadcasting and transmission; Broadcast of information by means of television; Broadcast of television programmes; Broadcasting of cable television programmes; Broadcasting of programmes by television; Cable television broadcasting; Pay television broadcasting; Subscription television broadcasting; Television broadcasting; Television broadcast transmissions; Cellular radio telephone services; Radio telecommunications; Delivery of digital music by telecommunications; Digital network telecommunications services; Data transmission services over telecommunications networks; Message storage and transmission (telecommunications); Remote transmission of data by means of telecommunications; Advisory services relating to telecommunications; Charitable services, namely telecommunications; Chat room services (telecommunications services); Consultancy services relating to telecommunications; Electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications services); Fibre optic telecommunications services; Information services relating to telecommunications; Operation of telecommunications apparatus; Operation of telecommunications systems; Operation of wide-band telecommunications networks; Optical fibre telecommunications services; Providing of access to telecommunication warehousing services; Providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; Providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network; Provision of telecommunication facilities; Relaying rescue beacon signals (telecommunications); Satellite telecommunications services; Switching network services (telecommunications); Telecommunications; Telecommunications consultancy; Telecommunications advisory services; Telecommunications routing and junction services; Telecommunications security (providing secure connections and access including to computers and a global computer network); Telecommunications services by satellite; Telecommunications services for the distribution of data; Telegraph telecommunications services; Video conference services (telecommunications services); Cellular telecommunications services; Webcasting a television programme via the internet; Internet cafe services being the provision of telecommunications access to the internet; Internet portal services (providing user access to a global computer network); Internet service provider (ISP) services; Providing access to internet chat rooms; Providing internet chat rooms; Providing internet chatrooms; Provision of user access to the internet; Voice over internet protocol [VOIP] services; Providing access to databases; Rental of cable television equipment; Rental of radio equipment; Rental of radio paging apparatus; Rental of radio transmission apparatus; Rental of satellite broadcasting sets; Rental of telecommunication apparatus; Rental of telecommunication equipment; Rental of telecommunications apparatus; Rental of telecommunications installations; Rental of telecommunications instruments; Rental of apparatus for the broadcast of video signals; Rental of broadcasting equipment; Rental of broadcasting time by satellite; Rental of access time to global computer networks; Rental of electronic mail-boxes; Rental of facsimile apparatus; Rental of facsimile machines; Rental of information transmitting equipment; Rental of local area networks; Rental of megaphones; Rental of message sending apparatus; Rental of modems; Rental of paging equipment; Rental of signal decoders; Rental of signalling apparatus; Rental of smartphones; Rental of telegraphic apparatus; Rental of telemetry apparatus; Rental of telephone apparatus; Rental of telephone circuits; Rental of telephone lines; Rental of telephones; Rental of telephonic apparatus; Providing online forums; Providing user access to a global computer network and online sites containing information on a wide range of topics; Transmission of greeting cards online; Transmission of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; Providing information, including online, about telecommunications; Providing access to online computer databases; Rental of apparatus for the broadcast of audio signals; Electronic transmission (uploading, posting or displaying) of data, information, pictures, images, audio and/or video via online forums; Video and audio streaming services; Advisory services relating to communications; Advisory services relating to communications equipment; Audiovisual communication services; Car telephone communications services; Communication of information by television; Communication by radio; Communication services by radio; Mobile radio communications; Paging services (radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication); Radio communication network services; Radio communications; Radio frequency communications services; Radio telephone communication services; Communication services for the electronic transmission of data; Communication services for the electronic transmission of images; Communication services for the electronic transmission of voices; Communication services for the transmission of information; Communication services for the transmission of information by electronic means; Computer communications for the transmission of information; Electronic communication services for the transmission of data; Electronic communications services for the transmission of data; Electronic transmission of written communications; Communication by telegram; Communications by telegrams; Communications services for telegrams; Telegram communication services; Cellular communications services; Communication of data by means of telecommunications; Communications services for accessing a database; Rental of radio communication apparatus; Rental of radio communications equipment; Rental of communication equipment; Rental of communications apparatus; Rental of communications channels; Rental of communications equipment; Rental of communications instruments; Rental of communications systems; Rental of data communication apparatus; Rental of data communications equipment; Rental of data communications installations; Audio communications services; Communications by closed circuit audio or video systems; Communication between computers; Communication by computer; Communication by electronic mail systems; Communication by electronic means; Communication network consultancy; Communication of information by computer; Communication of information by electronic means; Communication of information by satellite; Communication services between computers; Communication services between data banks; Communication services by cable; Communication services by electronic means; Communication services by satellite; Communication services for video conferencing purposes; Communication services over computer networks; Communication services provided by facsimile; Communication services provided electronically; Communications by cellular phones; Communications by computer terminals; Communications by fiber optic networks; Communications by fibre optic networks; Communications by telephone; Communications consultancy; Communications services for the exchange of data in electronic form; Computer communication services; Computer network communication services; Computerised communication services; Computerised data communications; Consultancy services relating to communications; Consultancy services relating to data communications; Data communication by electronic means; Data communication services; Electronic communication service by means of computer; Electronic communication services; Electronic communications consultancy; Electronic data communications; Electronic funds transfer communication services; Electronic network communications; Facsimile communication services; Hire of communications apparatus; Information services relating to electronic communication networks; Mobile telephone communication services; Operating of electronic communications networks; Operating of electronic communications systems; Operation of cellular communications systems; Pay telephone communication services; Planning relating to communications; Point of sale communication services; Preparation of reports relating to communications; Providing on-line communications links which transfer the web site user to other local and global web pages; Provision of communications between computers; Provision of communications by telephone; Provision of communications information; Provision of electronic communications facilities; Provision of electronic communications links; Provision of information relating to communications; Radiophonic communications; Satellite communications services; Telegraphic communication services; Telematic communication services; Telephone communication services; Telephonic communication services; Teleprinter communication services; Televisual communication services; Telex message communication services; Video communication services; Wireless communication services