Trademark: ARN DEFINING AUDIO 2217429
Trademark Type
Fancy, Figurative
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 October 2021
Registration Date
08 October 2021
Renewal Date
08 October 2031

Thomson Geer

Goods and Services:
Class 38:
Communication of information (including but not limited to music, sounds, images, audio-visual items, web pages, computer programs and any other data) via a global computer network (including the Internet) or via any wireless medium, any telecommunications service or via podcasting; Radio broadcasting services (whether free to air or subscription); Telecommunication and communication services including wireless messaging services; Delivery of digital music by telecommunications; Data transmission services over telecommunications networks; Transmission of radio programmes; Electronic transmission (uploading, posting and displaying) of data, information, pictures, audio and /or video via online; Broadcasting services including radio, and online broadcasting services; narrowcasting services; datacasting services; webcasting services; podcasting services; streaming services; transmission of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; information and advisory services in this class relating to broadcasting, streaming, podcasting and communications; Telecommunications; Streaming of media content via electronic communication networks, local and global computer networks and wireless communication networks; Streaming of media content to users online via a communication network; Internet broadcasting services; Streaming of audio, visual and audiovisual material via a global computer network; Information, consultancy and advisory services relating to the aforesaid