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05 October 2021
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05 October 2021
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05 October 2031

Raven IP

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Class 9:
Digital music (downloadable) from the internet; digital music (downloadable) provided from MP3 web sites on the internet; downloadable music files; electronic sheet music, downloadable; music recordings; music tapes; musical cassettes; musical recordings in the form of discs; musical recordings in the form of tapes; pre-recorded DVDs; pre-recorded compact discs (disks)(CDs); pre-recorded motion picture videos; pre-recorded music videos; pre-recorded video films; sound recordings; films for sound recordings; sound discs; sound recordings in the form of cassettes; sound recordings in the form of discs (disks); sound recordings in the form of records; sound tapes; audio compact discs; audio digital discs; audio discs; discs bearing video recordings; films bearing video recordings; films on video tape; video cassettes; video films; videos; magazines downloaded via the internet; weekly publications downloaded in electronic form from the internet; computer programs (downloadable software); computer software applications (downloadable); downloadable podcasts; downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; downloadable software applications (apps); electronic publications (downloadable); telephone ring tones (downloadable); pre-recorded discs; pre-recorded video discs; compact discs containing recorded sound; compact discs containing recorded video; record albums (discs); audio recordings; tapes for bearing audio recordings; motion picture films (recorded); tape recordings of songs; vinyl records; electronic publications, namely, those sold and distributed online; apparatus for recording sound; apparatus for recording video; sound mixing apparatus for recording