Trademark: IAM AWESOME 2215744
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 October 2021
Registration Date
08 October 2021
Renewal Date
08 October 2031

Pointon Partners Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Wrapping paper for gift wrapping articles; Badges made of paper; Greeting cards; Bookmarks; Bumper stickers; Window stickers; Printed stickers; Chalk boards (blackboards); Chalk for use in drawing; Children's magazines; Children's painting sets; Calendars; Clothing patterns; Colour pencils; Diaries; Dinner mats of cardboard; Display folders; Disposable bibs of paper; Disposable hygienic articles of paper for personal use; Disposable table linen of paper; Drawing pads; Drawing paper; Drink coasters of cardboard; Easels; Fan magazines; Framed photographs; Framed postcards; Gift boxes; Gift cards of paper; Gift certificates; Ink pads; Maps; Materials for writing; Note cards; Pads of party invitations; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of paper or plastics, for packaging; Pouches of plastics for food products; Printed publications containing puzzles; Printed publications for children; Printed publications relating to children's activities; Printed stencils; Printed tags for luggage; Printed teaching aids; Print characters; Print paper; Printed artwork; Printed matter; Removable self-stick notes; Rulers (other than for measuring); Scrapbooks; Stickers for cars; Stickers of paper; Stickers of plastic; Teaching manuals; Tissue paper; Paper iron-on transfers; Transfer paper; Transfer sheets for the transfer of symbols onto the surfaces of drawings; Transfer sheets for the transfer of symbols onto the surfaces of letters; Transfer sheets for the transfer of symbols onto the surfaces of signs; Vehicle bumper stickers; Magazines (periodicals); Note clips, not of precious metal; Paintings (pictures) framed or unframed; Framed pictures; Children's club magazines; Children's paint-boxes; Colour pens; Fluorescent markers (highlighter pens); Ballpoint pens; Writing pens; Ink pens; Marker pens; Sketch pads; Sketch boards; Materials for use in sketching; Binders (stationery); Binder clips (stationery); Stickers (stationery); Chalk being articles of stationery; Dispensers for adhesive for stationery use; Document boxes (stationery); Erasers (stationery); Glitter for stationery purposes; Pads (stationery); Scented stationery; School supplies (stationery); Stationery goods; Stationery for children's educational activities; Stationery for children's playing activities; Transparencies (stationery); Wallets (stationery) made of paper; Wallets (stationery) made of plastics; Cases for stationery; Document cases (stationery); Glitter glue for stationery purposes; Glue for stationery or household purposes; Stationery; Adhesive masking tapes for stationery purposes; Bookends; Crayons; Paper party decorations; Framed posters; Posters; Magazines (periodicals) incorporating posters; Printed holograms; Stencils (stationery); Books; Colouring books; Birthday books; Sticker activity books; Children's books; Exercise books; Note books; Party game books; Printed books; Story books (printed matter); Sketch books; Autograph books; Writing or drawing books; Protective book covers