Trademark: EFC EST. 1872 ESSENDON F.C. 2211928
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Published: Under examination
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17 September 2021

K&L Gates

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, video, optical, weighing measuring, signalling, checking, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for recording and/or transmission and/or reproduction of sound and/or images; cameras; digital video recorders; microphones; radios; global positioning system (GPS) apparatus; apparatus and equipment for measuring and recording position, speed and distance; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers; calculating machines; data processing equipment; computer apparatus and instruments; computer hardware; remote control devices (electronic, other than remote control devices for toys); batteries; rechargeable batteries; solar batteries; mouse pads; bags adapted for laptops; stands adapted for laptops; mobile phone cases; lanyards for mobile phones; computer operating programs; computer programs, recorded; computer programs, downloadable; computer software; video game software; games software; application software; personal computer application software; software for accessing information on a global computer network; downloadable software applications (apps); downloadable software via the Internet and wireless devices; downloadable software in the field of social networking; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application; software to enable uploading, posting, showing, displaying, tagging, blogging, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information over the Internet or other communications networks; magnetic data carriers; recording discs; audio, video, computer and laser tapes, discs, compact discs, DVDs, cassettes and cartridges; pre-recorded audio, video, computer and laser tapes, discs, compact discs, DVDs, cassettes and cartridges; USB sticks; CDs; CD-ROMs; DVDs; DVD-ROMs; encoded gift cards; encoded cards; encoded identity cards; lanyards for encoded identity cards; sound recordings; video recordings; video game and computer game; tapes, discs, compact discs, DVDs, cassettes and cartridges; downloadable electronic publications; recorded video discs and tapes; electronic and recorded multimedia publications; downloadable or electronically recorded multimedia content; downloadable or electronically recorded video recordings; downloadable or electronically recorded digital image recordings; downloadable or electronically recorded music recordings; downloadable or electronically recorded podcasts; apparatus and equipment for protection against injury; sporting articles for wear specifically adapted for protection against accident or injury (other than adapted for use in a specific sport); helmets; sports helmets; football helmets; mouthguards (teeth protectors); sunglasses; sunglass cases; electric door bells; magnets; magnet boards; tape measures; parts, fittings and accessories in class 9 for the aforesaid goods
Class 16:
Paper and cardboard; wrapping paper; gift bags of paper and cardboard; paper flags; paper pennants; paper bibs; paper placemats; paper napkins; toilet paper; paper coasters; cardboard coasters; printed matter; printed publications; books; magazines; newspapers; activity books; statistical books; guide books; reference books; newsletters; pamphlets; printed programs; printed entertainment programs; printed game programs; printed fixtures; printed matter for the radio, television and print media; bookbinding materials; canvas for painting; stationery; pens; ball point pens; pencils; pencil sharpeners; felt markers; coloured markers; marker pens; pencil cases; drawing rulers; erasers; office requisites except furniture; exercise books; diaries; calendars; memo pads; folders; note books; multi-ring binders; book covers; portfolios; printed statistics sheets; writing instruments; instructional and teaching materials except apparatus; plastic packaging materials; cards; trading cards; sports trading cards; football trading cards; post cards; greeting cards; gift cards of paper; identity cards (other than encoded or magnetic); lanyards for holding paper cards; stamps; sports stamps; football stamps; posters; stickers; bumper stickers; bunting of paper; decalcomanias; albums; scrap books; autograph books; printed height charts; photographs; mounted photographs; framed photographs; signed photographs; pictures, framed prints, commemorative prints in this class; sculptured objects in this class; figurines made of paper or cardboard; portraits; line art colouring boards; non-textile labels; tickets
Class 28:
Games and playthings; toys; plush toys; toy vehicles; toy cars; dolls; figurines being toys; plush toys; rubber ducks (toys); plush figures (toys); jigsaw puzzles; board games; playing cards; poker chips; cases for poker chips; card games; card games for children; decorative balloons; party novelties; party balloons; party hats (novelties for parties); coin-operated games; coin-freed games; self-contained apparatus and instruments for playing games including mechanical games; electronic games (other than software); computerised games (other than software); battery-operated games; portable games; games that include a built-in display; games that include a built-in program; games that receive one or more programs; handheld portable self-contained apparatus and instruments for playing games; games for use with television receivers and/or computer monitors and/or other separate display apparatus; video games apparatus and computer game apparatus for playing in game arcades and game playing venues; electronic video arcade game machines; gymnastic and sporting articles; balls for games; play balls; rubber action balls; foam action balls; balls for sports; footballs; toy footballs; miniature footballs; golf balls; pumps for inflating sporting balls; needles for such pumps; basketballs; beach balls; bounce balls; sporting articles (padding) for protective purposes (adapted for use in a specific sport)sports gloves; football gloves; golf gloves; golf bags; golf tees; golf club covers; divot tools (golf accessories); billiard balls; billiard cues; billiard cue cases; darts; dart boards; toys for pets; chew toys; bocce balls; lawn bowls; exercise and physical training apparatus and articles; decorations for Christmas trees; Santa hats; inflatable toys and playthings; inflatable Christmas novelties; inflatable hands; cheering sticks; toy horns; hand clappers; inflatable tackle buddies; fluffy dice; show bags; parts, fittings and accessories in class 28 for the aforesaid goods
Class 41:
Arrangement, management, organisation and conducting of sporting, cultural, amusement, recreation and entertainment events; cultural activities; sporting activities; sport competitions; sport matches; sport games; sport exhibitions; sport events; hosting sport award functions; sport information; provision of information about sporting, cultural and entertainment events; provision of commentary, scores and statistics concerning sporting events; competitions; ticket agency services; booking of tickets for sporting events; reservation services for sporting events; production of television and radio programmes; game services provided online; games played online; the education and training of sports people; education; sport education; physical education; coaching; sport coaching; physical coaching; training; sport training; physical training; sports club services; sports club membership services; fan club services; fan club membership scheme services; social club services; health club services; provision of health club, fitness club and gymnasium facilities; golf club services; theme park services; publishing services; publication of electronic books and journals online; publication of books, magazines, pamphlets and printed matter (other than publicity texts); publication of multimedia material online; electronic publication of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; weblog (blog) services (online publication of journals or diaries); publication of sports and football news; library services, video library facilities; museum services; radio and television entertainment; cinema services; film, video, radio and television production; multimedia production, other than for advertising purposes; hire of film, video and sound recordings; gambling services; betting services; wagering services; gaming, provision of gaming machines and provision of gaming facilities; operating lotteries; football competitions; football matches; ; football games; football exhibitions; football events; football telecast entertainment; football broadcast entertainment; football education; football information; football awards; football coaching; arranging football clinics; conducting football clinics; production of football videos and films; football mascot performances; football cheer leader performances; dance team performances; organising and hosting entertainment events for the purpose of fundraising; organising charitable fundraising events being the provision of entertainment, sporting and cultural services; charitable services, namely education and training; information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to all of the aforesaid; including all of the above services provided online