Trademark: THERE'S AN APP CLIP FOR THAT 2211118
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Accepted: In opposition period
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17 June 2021


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Handheld mobile digital electronic devices for the sending and receiving of telephone calls, electronic mail, and other digital data, for use as a digital format audio player, and for use as a handheld computer, personal digital assistant, electronic organizer, electronic notepad, and camera; computer gaming machines, videophones, prerecorded computer programs for personal information management, database management software, electronic mail and messaging software, database synchronization software, computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases, computer software and firmware, namely, operating system programs, data synchronization programs, and application development computer software programs for personal and handheld computers; software for the redirection of messages, internet e-mail, and/or other data to one or more electronic handheld services from a data store on or associated with personal computer or a server; software for the synchronization of data between a remote station or device and a fixed or remote station or device; downloadable and recorded computer software; downloadable and recorded computer software for processing, facilitating, verifying, and authenticating mobile payments and contactless transactions with retailers, merchants, and vendors via wearable and mobile devices; downloadable and recorded computer software for use in searching, transmitting, receiving, storing, accessing, finding, organizing and viewing geographic location information and providing content based on location; downloadable and recorded computer software for application development; downloadable and recorded computer software development tools; downloadable and recorded computer software used in developing other software applications; downloadable and recorded application programming interface (API) software; downloadable and recorded software development kits (SDK); downloadable and recorded computer software to maintain and operate a computer system; downloadable and recorded computer operating software.