Trademark: SUNNEI 2203636
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
29 June 2021
Registration Date
29 June 2021
Renewal Date
29 June 2031


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Power switches; electric switches; MP3 players; headphones; straps for mobile phones; battery chargers; cell phone battery chargers; battery chargers for laptop computers; battery chargers for electronic cigarettes; covers for smartphones; covers for tablet computers; mobile phones; tablet computers; tablet monitors; computer monitors; computer keyboards; computer memories; micro-computers; personal computers; laptop computers; desktop computers; netbook computers; palmtop computers; spectacle frames; eyeglass frames; digital photo frames; magnifying glasses; opera glasses; field-glasses; dustproof glasses; glasses for sports; ski glasses; optical glass; fire extinguishing apparatus; data processing apparatus; data processing equipment; calculating machines; cash dispensers; mechanisms for coin operated apparatus; DVD cases; DVD recorders; DVD drives; DVD players; CD players; cases for compact discs; CD-rom writers; CD-ROM drives; blank CDs; video recorders; record players; facsimile transmission machines; sound transmitting apparatus; cables for the transmission of sounds and images; electricity limiters; electricity meters; electricity conduits; life saving rafts; contact lenses; cases for contact lenses; eyeglass chains; portable multimedia players [PMPs]; multimedia projectors; spectacle cases; 3D scanners; electronic agendas; cameras; camera cases; televisions; television apparatus; radio sets; portable radios; sunglasses; sunglass lenses; sunglass cords; frames for spectacles and sunglasses; weighing machines; distance measuring apparatus; gasometers [measuring instruments]; lasers for measuring; dust measuring apparatus; hourglasses [time measuring apparatus]; signal bells; television monitors; LED monitors; teaching robots; decoders for television sets; cassette players; blank video tapes; optical disc players; electric relays; amplifiers; microchip cards; SIM cards; memory cards; card reading equipment; protective helmets; protective eyewear; electronic calculators; fire extinguishers; multiplexors; charging stations for electric vehicles; baby monitors; smoke detectors; diving suits; directional compasses; gyrocompasses; navigation apparatus for boats; meteorological instruments; skin moisture analyzers, not for medical purposes; sunshine recorders; aerometers; biomicroscopes; DNA chips; lenses for microscopes; GPS receivers; earphones; earbuds; computer printers; photo printers; lenses for photographic apparatus; film cameras; film recording apparatus.