Trademark: LI 2191492
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
02 July 2021
Registration Date
02 July 2021
Renewal Date
02 July 2031

DLA Piper Australia

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling the distribution or use of electricity; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; recorded and downloadable media, computer software, blank digital or analogue recording and storage media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating devices; computers and computer peripheral devices; diving suits, divers' masks, ear plugs for divers, nose clips for divers and swimmers, gloves for divers, breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; fire-extinguishing apparatus; Wearable computers; personal digital assistants [PDAs]; thin client computers; computer programmes [programs], recorded; smartwatches; smartglasses; car antennas; telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewellery; navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]; cases for smartphones; covers for smartphones; security surveillance robots; car televisions; wearable video display monitors; audio- and video-receivers; car audio equipment; dashboard cameras; rearview cameras for vehicles; tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) indicators; tire tread depth gauges; tyre pressure gauges; voltage regulators for vehicles; plugs, sockets and other contacts (electric connection); terminals [electricity]; inverters [electricity]; electronic control unit for automobiles; voltage stabilizing power supplies; eyeglasses; batteries, electric; rechargeable power batteries for electric vehicles; battery charging devices for motor vehicles; chargers for electric batteries; accumulator jars; mobile power source (rechargeable batteries); accumulators, electric, for vehicles; animated cartoons; sound recording carriers; sp; eed checking apparatus for vehicles; protection devices for personal use against accidents; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; data processing apparatus; computer software applications, downloadable; parking meters; equipment for communication network
Class 12:
Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; Electric vehicles; locomotives; vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; remote control vehicles, other than toys; electric cars; robotic cars; automobiles; automobile bodies; automobile chassis; anti-theft devices for automobiles; shock absorbers for automobiles; automotive upholstery; brake pads for automobiles; ski carriers for cars; sunroofs for automobiles; automotive engine; cigar lighters for automobiles; safety harnesses for automobile seats; driverless cars [autonomous cars]; self-driving cars; cars; pushchairs; repair outfits for inner tubes; tyres for vehicle wheels; safety seats for children, for vehicles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances; aeroplanes; air bags [safety devices for automobiles]; air cushion vehicles; air pumps [vehicle accessories]; air vehicles; aircraft; all-terrain vehicles; ambulances; anti-glare devices for vehicles; anti-skid chains; armoured vehicles; automobile chains; automobile hoods; axles for vehicles; bicycles; bicycle bells; bicycle brakes; bicycle chains; bicycle cranks; bicycle frames; bicycle handlebars; bicycle kickstands; bicycle motors; bicycle mudguards; bicycle pedals; bicycle saddles; bicycle trailers; bicycle tires; bicycle wheels; electric bicycles; boats; bodies for vehicles; brakes for vehicles; bumpers for automobiles; camping cars; motor homes; caravans; motor cars; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; civilian drones; clutches for land vehicles; couplings for land vehicles; crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines; doors for vehicles; driving chains for land vehicles; driving motors for land vehicles; motors for land vehicles; forklift trucks; gear boxes for land vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; gears for bicycles; golf carts [vehicles]; head-rests for vehicle seats; headlight wipers; helicopters; hoods for vehicles; horns for vehicles; hot air balloons; hub caps; hubs for bicycle wheels; hubs for vehicle wheels; jet engines for land vehicles; lorries; trucks; luggage carriers for vehicles; mobility scooters; mopeds; motor coaches; motorcycle chains; motorcycle engines; motorcycle frames; motorcycle handlebars; motorcycle kickstands; motorcycle saddles; motorcycles; mudguards; baby carriages; pumps for bicycle tires; rearview mirrors; bicycle wheel rims; vehicle wheel rims; safety belts for vehicle seats; seat covers for vehicles; security harness for vehicle seats; side cars; side view mirrors for vehicles; signal arms for vehicles; space vehicles; spare wheel covers; sports cars; tractors; trailers [vehicles]; transmission chains for land vehicles; transmission shafts for land vehicles; transmissions for land vehicles; tricycles; two-wheeled trolleys; luggage trucks; vans [vehicles]; vehicle bumpers; vehicle chassis; vehicle seats; vehicle suspension springs; vehicle wheels; electric vehicles; windows for vehicles; windscreens; windshield wipers; bearings for vehicles