Trademark: AMD INFINITY PLATFORM 2184688
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
07 June 2021
Registration Date
07 June 2021
Renewal Date
07 June 2031

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Class 9:
Accelerated data processors; accelerated video processors; audio and video graphics for real time information and image transfer, transmission, reception, processing and digitizing; computer hardware for enhancing and providing real-time transfer, transmission, reception, processing and digitizing of audio and video graphics information; audio circuit boards; audio-video circuit boards; cards containing integrated circuits; central processing unit (CPU); central processing unit (CPU) coolers; central processing unit (CPU) fans; central processing unit (CPU) heat sinks; central processing units (processors); central processing units for processing information, data, sound and image; graphics processing unit (GPU); chip cards; chips (integrated circuits); circuit boards with integrated circuits; circuit boards; communication computer; communication software to facilitate communications among and between persons, machines and apparatus, including computers; computer accelerator board; computer and computer peripheral parts, accessories and components; computer case fans; computer chips; computer chipsets; computer circuit boards; computer data and image processors; computer daughter boards; computer game cards; computer game programs downloaded via the Internet; computer game software, downloadable; computer game software, recorded; computer graphic chipsets; computer graphics boards; computer hardware for creating, remote access to and communication with local area network (LAN), virtual private network (VPN), and global computer networks; computer hardware for enhancing and providing real-time transfer, transmission, reception, processing and digitizing of audio and video graphics information; computer hardware for the development, and use of local and wide area computer networks; computer hardware subsystems comprised of microprocessor subsystems; microprocessor modules; computer hardware; computer internal cooling fans; computer memories; computer memory devices, namely, volatile memory devices; computer motherboards; computer network server; computer operating software; computer peripheral devices; computer peripherals; computer programs (downloadable softwar)); computer servers; computer software applications, downloadable; computer software for databasing, visualization, manipulation, virtual reality immersion and integration of information; computer software for graphics and video games; computer software for machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and data analysis; computer software for managing network functions; computer software for operating microprocessors; computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; computer software, recorded; computer software; computer workstations, namely, computers designed for advanced technical or scientific applications and high performance computing applications; computers; coolers for use in electronic components, namely, fans, heat sinks, and liquid coolers; cooling elements for computers, namely, fans, heat sinks and liquid coolers; electronic heat dissipation apparatus, namely, computer heat dissipation fan, thermostat, CPU heat dissipation fan, and power supplies dissipation fan, all for use with computers; cooling equipment for computers, namely, heat sinks; cooling kits in open or closed loops comprised primarily of internal cooling fans for computers; data fabric; data processing apparatus; data processors; data recording and storage media for use with computers; devices for mobile and personal computing and communication; digital media streaming devices; downloadable and recorded computer programs for developing and controlling user interface; downloadable and recorded computer software development tools; downloadable and recorded software application programming interface (API), and software widget for machine learning, data mining, data query, and data analysis downloadable computer firmware for the creation of software applications and application interfaces; downloadable computer software, namely, software development tools for the creation of software applications and application interfaces; downloadable open source software, namely, computer software for use in software development; downloadable software development kits; downloadable video game programs; dynamic random access memory (DRAM) controllers; dynamic random-access memory (DRAM); electronic card for image processing; electronic chip for integrated circuits; electronic chips; electronic circuit boards; electronic circuit card; electronic circuits; electronic integrated circuits; electronic publications, downloadable; electronic sensors; electronic storages; equipment for communication network; GPU cores; graphics accelerators; graphics and video processors; graphics cards; graphics processing unit (GPU) for artificial intelligence, cloud computing and high performance computing (HPC); graphics processing unit (GPU) for datacenter computers; graphics processing unit (GPU); graphics processor subsystem; graphics processors; graphics software; handheld computers; HD integrated graphics chips; headsets for virtual reality games; heat sinks for use in electronic components; integrated circuit cards (smart cards); integrated circuit chip sets; integrated circuit chips; integrated circuit memories; integrated circuits and circuit boards for mobile and personal computing and communication; integrated circuits and circuit boards for use with computer networks and workstations, data recording and storage media for use with computers; integrated circuits, namely, circuits for computers communications, networking and programmable logic; integrated circuits, namely, graphics, video and multimedia integrated circuits; integrated circuits; interactive video games of virtual reality comprised of computer hardware for use with an external monitor and software; intercommunication apparatus; internal and external cooling fans for computers; Internet server; laptop computers; large scale integrated circuits; logic circuits; magnetic data media; memory boards; memory cards for video game machines; memory expansion cards; memory expansion modules; memory for data processing apparatus; memory for use with computers; memory modules; memory, non-volatile memory and programmable logic devices, namely, flash memories, flash memory cards, EPROMs, ROMs and programmable logic chips; microchips (computer hardware); microchips; microprocessor communication fabric; microprocessor communication memory; microprocessor subsystems comprised of one or more microprocessors, central processing unit (CPU), CPU cores, and software for operating the foregoing; communication devices, namely, integrated circuits and circuit boards for telephones, wireless communication, radio and television transmission and reception; microprocessors; minicomputers; multimedia accelerator boards; multiprocessor chips; network servers; network-on-chip; operating system software; personal computers; personal digital assistants (PDAs); processor operating software; processor software; semiconductor chips; semiconductors; semiconductor devices; semiconductor integrated circuits; semiconductor memories; semiconductor processors; semiconductor storage units; servers; Smart cards (integrated circuit cards); SoC architecture; software for operating all of the foregoing; software programmable processors; solid state drives; storage cards; video capture cards; video cards; video game software; video graphics accelerator; video graphics processors; video servers; virtual reality game software; virtual reality glasses; virtual reality headsets; virtual reality software; virtual reality training simulation software; wearable computers