Trademark: ACS 2154170
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
08 February 2021


Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Printed matter comprising books, manuals, reports, fact and information sheets; vocational, educational, instructional and teaching material, all the foregoing in the field of computers and computer software in all forms; training materials; printed matter for use in conducting training; paper, cardboard, goods in class 16 made from paper and/or cardboard; wrapping paper, paper flags, paper pennants, paper place mats, paper napkins, paper coasters, cardboard coasters, printed matter, printed publications, books, magazines, newspapers, activity books, statistical books, score books, guide books, reference books, newsletters, pamphlets, printed programs, printed entertainment programs, printed game programs, printed fixtures being display boards and stands of cardboard or paper; printed matter for the radio, television and print media; stationery, exercise books, diaries, calendars, memo pads, folders, note books, multi- ring binders, book covers, portfolios, printed statistics sheets, writing instruments, ball point pens, pencils, office requisites (except furniture), drawing rulers, erasers, instructional and teaching materials (except apparatus); cards, trading cards excluding dance team trading cards, swap cards, sports trading cards, mascot trading cards, entertainment trading cards, post cards, greeting cards, note cards, stamps, sports stamps, posters, stickers, bumper stickers, decalcomanias, albums, scrap books, autograph books, photographs, mounted photographs, line art colouring boards, non-textile labels, tickets and score books, collector card album, collector cards, display kits containing display items in this class, invitations, party hats, individual player images mounted on paper, panoramic photograph, photographic collage and team photograph, caricatures being cartoons (printed matter), commemorative pieces in this class, framed print, memorabilia in this class, sculptured objects in this class, signed photograph, figurines; all of the foregoing excluding goods used in relation to development and implementation of construction projects
Class 35:
Compilation and systemisation of information into computer databases; dissemination of advertising matter, on-line advertising on a computer network; providing an online directory information service featuring information regarding, classifieds, virtual community and social networking dissemination of advertising for others via the Internet; providing and rental of advertising space on the Internet; on-line advertising and marketing services; services rendered by e-commerce providers, namely presentation of merchandise, order taking and invoicing for electronic ordering systems; commercial business brokerage via the Internet or by other means for third parties; data bank services, namely compilation, processing, recording of works and titles; Management of celebrities, performing artists, models, professional athletes, broadcasters, authors and designers; business services, namely, management of the personal affairs of others; assistance in management of business activities and events; solicitation and negotiation of contracts, licenses, and endorsements for others; promoting the goods and services of others via electronic media; advertising and commercial information services, via print and electronic media; advertising and publicity services, namely, promoting the goods, services, brand identity, and commercial information and news of third parties through print, audio, video, digital and on-line media; advertising, including promotion of products and services of third parties through sponsoring arrangements and license agreements; advertising consultation; commercial consultancy; marketing consulting; sponsorship consulting; sales promotion and public relations consulting services; modelling agencies; planning and conducting of events, exhibitions and presentations for commercial, economic or advertising purposes; marketing and promotional services for recreational or leisure facilities owned by others; value added and reward programs and schemes administered both in person and via the internet; incubation services, namely, providing shared office space facilities equipped with office equipment, receptionist services, meeting rooms, printing center, kitchen space and kitchen equipment, telecommunications equipment, and mailroom facilities; incubation services, namely, business development services for others; incubation services, namely, providing start-up support for businesses of others; incubation services, namely, providing business networking events; business operation of offices and office space; Providing co-working facilities equipped with office equipment; administration relating to marketing; advice relating to marketing management; business advice relating to marketing; business consultancy services relating to marketing; business consultancy services relating to the marketing of fund raising campaigns; conducting of marketing studies; consultancy relating to marketing; direct marketing; direct marketing and selling by home party plan; marketing; marketing advisory services; marketing agency services; marketing analysis; marketing and business development of inventions; marketing assistance; marketing consultancy; marketing forecasting; marketing information; marketing management advice; marketing research; marketing studies; planning of marketing strategies; planning services for marketing studies; preparation of marketing plans; preparation of reports for marketing; product marketing; promotional marketing; provision of advice relating to marketing; provision of information relating to marketing; research services relating to marketing; sponsorship (promotion and marketing services); telephone marketing services; business networking services; business promotion services; business referrals services; arranging exhibitions for business purposes; arranging business introductions; arranging business shows; conducting exhibitions for business purposes; promotion (advertising) of business; business representative services; business intelligence services; business information; business consultancy; business administration; providing information, including online, about advertising, business management and administration and office functions; all of the foregoing excluding services used in relation to development and implementation of construction projects
Class 38:
Internet chat room services; online services, namely, providing online forums; online services, namely providing user access to a global computer network and online sites containing information on a wide range of topics; electronic transmission services (uploading, posting or displaying) being creation and exchange of user-generated content on the Internet including data, information, pictures, images, audio and/or video via online forums; providing access to virtual game worlds and virtual communities; transmission of pictures for picture sharing and music for music-sharing; email, instant messaging, voice over internet protocol services; transmission of information being streaming of video for vlogs; Audio and video broadcasting services over the Internet or other communications network; Internet portal services (providing user access to a global computer network) for the provision of information on one or several topics for third parties; providing access to information offers via the Internet in the form of online computer databases; electronic transmission of information being content delivery to end users through internet or world wide web, to be accessed by the user using a web browser or other web enabled software for display; providing user access through global computer networks to a collection of online content including documents and applications on a web server including text, images, sounds and other content, that may be interactive dialogues; all of the foregoing excluding services used in relation to development and implementation of construction projects
Class 41:
Arranging and conducting live, computer based and online training sessions, seminars, workshops and instructional sessions and in the field of computers, computer software; mentoring by education and training; advisory and consultancy services relating to education and training including selection of courses, developing training activities and programmes, educational, training sessions and courses relating thereto; providing services relating to educational, training services, including acting as facilitators, leaders, instructors and supervisors, and evaluation of participants' performances in education and training; adult educational, training services; advisory services relating to educational, training; arranging and conducting of workshops (educational, training); business training consultancy services; business training services; commercial training services; computer based training; computer training; information technology training; computer training advisory services; computerised training; conducting training seminars; conducting workshops (training); consultancy services relating to training; employment training; organisation of training courses; practical training (demonstration); providing courses of training; providing information, including online, about education and training; providing information, including online, about information technology training; provision of information relating to training; provision of training; provision of training courses; provision of training facilities; setting of training standards; staff training services; technical training; training; training consultancy; vocational training services; education services; educational advisory services; educational consultancy services; educational examination; educational instruction; educational seminars; educational services; information relating to education; information services relating to education; occupational health and safety services (education and training services); providing facilities for educational purposes; provision of education services via an online forum; provision of education courses; provision of educational courses; provision of educational examinations; provision of educational information; provision of facilities for education; provision of information relating to education; provision of education and entertainment services via an online forum; publication of educational materials; publication of educational texts; technological education services; design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; educational examination; provision of educational examinations; educational assessment services; entertainment, cultural activities; including all such services as provided via a local or international computer network; none of the aforementioned services in relation to the provision or offering of education and training services or activities and events related to the Coptic community or any other ethnic or ethnoreligious communities living in Australia and all of the foregoing excluding services used in relation to development and implementation of construction projects; none of the aforementioned services in relation to aged care, financial advice in the aged care sector, or education, training or specialist accreditation services for financial advisors