Trademark: Vampire Weekend 2147711
Vampire Weekend
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
07 January 2021
Registration Date
07 January 2021
Renewal Date
07 January 2031

Media Arts Lawyers

Goods and Services:
Class 41:
Entertainment services provided by a recording artist; Musical entertainment services; Sound recording and video entertainment services; Concert, musical and video performances; Television and radio entertainment services; Entertainment services by stage production and cabaret; Production of video and/or sound recordings; Presentation, production and performance of shows, musical shows, concerts, videos and radio and television programmes; Recording, film, video and television studio services; Audio, film, video and television recording services; Publishing; music publishing; sound recording, film and video production and distribution services; Fan clubs and provision of fan club services; Services of a recording company; Organization of music and entertainment programs and events; Digital music (not downloadable) provided from the Internet, and via remote communications devices; Publishing of music and books and audio-visual media; Publishing and production of audio-visual or musical works on audio, video and digital media; Electronic publication of books and periodicals online; Provision of information relating to entertainment and pastimes; Provision of music and entertainment products and services via the internet and other remote communications devices; Provision of pre-recorded musical performances on-line via a global computer networks; Organization of exhibitions and competitions for cultural, play or educational purposes in the musical field; Organization of shows, organization of parties (entertainment); Production of shows and dance parties; Presentation of live performances; Musical performances; Reservation of seats for shows; Production of radio or television programs; Musical production services; Distribution of films and music