Trademark: UNEARTH 2139317
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
27 November 2020

McCullough Robertson Lawyers

Goods and Services:
Class 35:
Business management, administration and advisory services; business management consultancy services; business risk assessment and management services; dissemination of business information; risk management consultancy; business management and administration services provided in the field of crisis management; crisis management business consultancy services; crisis management and crisis response services in the nature of business management for others; business crisis management services, including, such services provided to businesses dealing with cyber attacks, theft, harassment, personal injury, security breaches, technology collapse or executive misconduct; public relations; business research; compilation of business information; collecting business information; business planning and analysis; business surveys and statistical studies; business investigation; analysis of business trends; compilation of business statistics and commercial information; business data analysis and management; market research data analysis; benchmarking (evaluation of business organisation practice); preparing business reports; market analysis reports; preparation of business reports; preparation of commercial reports; writing of business reports; market reports and studies; market assessment consultancy; business consultancy services relating to computing technologies and business automation; psychological testing for the selection of personnel; business advice and consultancy services in relation to organisational culture; commercial information services provided by access to a computer database; compilation of information into computer databases; computerised database management; database management; maintaining data in databases; providing information, advisory and consultancy services, including online, in relation to all the aforementioned services