Trademark: PMPM 2135569
Trademark Type
Accepted: Awaiting advertisement
Application Date
17 November 2020

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 29:
Aerated beverages (predominantly of milk); Aerated drinks (predominantly of milk); Albumin milk; Almond milk; Almond milk beverages; Almond milk-based beverages; Beverages consisting principally of milk; Beverages made from milk; Beverages with a milk base; By-products of milk; Canned milk; Coconut milk; Coconut milk for culinary purposes; Coconut milk-based beverages; Condensed milk; Cows' milk; Curdled milk; Desserts made from milk products (except ice cream); Dried milk; Dried milk powder; Dried milk products; Drinks based predominantly on milk; Fermented baked milk; Fermented milk; Flavoured milk; Food made principally from milk; Foods made from milk products; Foods prepared from milk; Fruit flavoured beverages having a milk base; Goat's milk; Half-fat milk products; Imitation milk; Malted milk for culinary purposes; Milk; Milk cream; Milk curd preparations; Milk curds; Milk jellies; Milk products; Milk shakes; Milk substitutes; Nut milk; Oat milk; Peanut milk; Protein milk; Rice milk; Skimmed milk; Skimmed milk powder; Skimmed milk preparations; Sour milk products; Soured milk; Whole milk; Coffee cream in the form of powder; Coffee whiteners; Preparations for creaming coffee; Baked meat; Burgers (meat patties); Cabbage rolls stuffed with meat; Canned meat; Cold meats; Cooked meals consisting principally of meat; Cooked meals consisting principally of meat and vegetables; Cooked meat; Corned meat; Cubed meats; Dehydrated crab meat; Dehydrated meat balls; Dried meats; Food preparations made from meat; Food products derived from meat; Freeze-dried meat; Fresh meat; Frozen meat; Frozen meat products; Grilled meat; Hamburgers (meat patties); Insect larvae based meat substitutes; Insect-based meat substitutes; Meat; Meat based stock; Meat jellies; Meat paste; Meat pastes; Meat, preserved; Meat, tinned; Meat-based dips; Minced meat; Prepared meat; Prepared meat dishes; Prepared meat products; Preserved meats; Salt meats; Salted meats; Sausage meat; Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices