Trademark: IPP 2131963
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Fancy, Figurative
Published: Awaiting examination
Application Date
29 October 2020

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Bleaching preparations (decolorants) for household purposes; Bleaching preparations (decolourants) for cosmetic purposes; Bleaching preparations (laundry); Bleaching preparations for the hair; Bleaching salts; Bleaching soda; Bleaching substances for use in domestic cleaning; Bleaching substances for use in industrial cleaning; Chemical products for bleaching (cosmetic use); Chemical products for bleaching (laundry use); Chemicals for use in the bleaching of textile materials (laundry); Dental bleaching gels; Hair bleaching preparations; Laundry bleaching preparations; Leather bleaching preparations; Cleaning foam; Cleaning oils; Cleaning preparations; Cleaning preparations for personal use; Cleaning preparations for sanitary purposes; Cleaning preparations for the skin; Cleaning products for the skin; Products for cleaning; Emulsified essential oils; Essential oils; Essential oils for personal use; Essential oils of cedarwood; Essential oils of citron; Essential oils of lemon; Body soaps; Cosmetic soaps; Facial soaps; Non-medicated soaps; Barrier lotions; Bath lotions, not medicated; Body lotions (other than for medical purposes); Cuticle lotions; Hair lotions (non-medicated); Hair styling lotions; Non-medicated facial lotions (cosmetic); Non-medicated hair lotions; Non-medicated lotions; Non-medicated skin lotions; Non-medicated suntan lotions; Sun blocking lotions (cosmetics); Sun lotions (cosmetics); Wave setting lotions; Dentifrices; Dentifrices (non-medicated); Dentifrices in the form of chewing gum; Non-medicated dentifrices; Preparations for dental purposes (dentifrices); Preparations for oral hygiene (dentifrices); Aromatic perfumery products; Ionone (perfumery); Mint for perfumery; Musk (perfumery); Non-medicated perfumery preparations; Perfumery; Perfumery articles; Perfumery compositions; Perfumery preparations; Perfumery products; Body sprays (non-medicated); Shaving sprays; Shoe sprays; Sprays (preparations) for the hair; Cleaning preparations impregnated into tissues; Impregnated tissues for toilet purposes (non-medicated); Paper tissues impregnated with cosmetic preparations; Paper tissues impregnated with toilet preparations; Perfumed tissues; Spectacle cleaning wipes (tissues impregnated with lens cleaning solution); Tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Tissues impregnated with cosmetics; Tissues impregnated with make-up removing preparations; Tissues impregnated with non-medicated preparations for personal use; Tissues impregnated with perfumed preparations; Tissues impregnated with preparations for cleaning; Tissues impregnated with toilet preparations; Wipes (tissues) impregnated with cleaning or polishing preparations; Wipes (tissues) impregnated with cosmetic lotions; Cosmetics for personal use; Deodorisers for personal use