Trademark: iTradethis 2129453
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
18 October 2020

FB Rice Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Bonds brokerage services; Brokerage; Brokerage of bonds; Brokerage of carbon credits; Brokerage of currency; Brokerage of futures; Brokerage of futures contracts; Brokerage of securities; Brokerage of shares; Brokerage of stocks; Brokerage of virtual fictional property and dwellings; Brokerage or underwriting of warranties and guarantees; Brokerage services for bonds; Brokerage services for securities; Brokerage services relating to debt instruments; Brokerage services relating to financial instruments; Brokerage services relating to municipal bonds; Brokerage services relating to mutual funds; Brokerage services relating to the securities markets; Bullion brokerage services; Carbon brokerage services; Exchange brokerage; Financial brokerage; Retail brokerage; Securities brokerage; Security brokerage; Share brokerage services; Stock bond brokerage; Stock brokerage services; Stock debenture brokerage; Stocks and bonds brokerage; Traded options brokerage; Collection of payments; Processing of debit card payments; Issuing of credit cards; Provision of credit cards; Financial management of securities; Financial securities; Lending against securities; Provision of financial securities; Securities advisory services; Securities analysis; Securities broking; Securities exchange services; Securities investment services; Securities settlement; Securities trading services; Securities underwriting; Trading in securities; Advisory services relating to credit; Advisory services relating to financial matters; Advisory services relating to futures; Advisory services relating to unit trusts; Financial advisory services; Financial advisory services for individuals; Financial economic advisory services; Clearing house financial services; Financial consultancy; Financial exchange services; Financial fund management; Financial information services; Financial investment advisory services; Financial payment services; Financial portfolio management; Financial transaction services; financial exchange of virtual currency; Payment processing services; Conducting of financial transactions; Monetary transaction services; Payment transaction card services; Debit card services; Credit card registration services; Credit card services; Issuance of credit cards; Currency trading services; Options trading; Trading in bonds; Trading in contracts on stocks; Trading in currencies; Trading in equities; Trading in futures; Trading in options; Trading in stocks; Trading of emission reduction credits; Trading of shares; Consultancy services relating to finance; Corporate finance services; Financial management of finances; Issuance of bonds; Deposit accounts services; Deposit services; Provision of foreign currency; Commodities exchange services; Currency exchange services; Monetary exchange; Money exchange services; Share exchange schemes; Stock exchange quotations; Stock exchange services; Investment custody