Trademark: IPP 2128539
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Figurative, Fancy
Accepted: Awaiting advertisement
Application Date
27 October 2020

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 10:
Body massagers; Electrically operated massagers; Foot massagers; Gum massagers for babies; Cystomeric instruments; Dental apparatus and instruments; Dental instruments; Detecting instruments for medical use; Detecting instruments for veterinary use; Diagnostic instruments for medical use; Diagnostic instruments for ophthalmology; Diagnostic testing instruments for use in immunoassay procedure (medical); Electric acupuncture instruments; Electric instruments for medical use in the diagnosis of blood; Electro medical instruments; Electro-medical diagnostic instruments; Electroaesthestical instruments; Electrocardiograph instruments; Electronic acupuncture instruments; Electronic medical instruments; Electrosurgery apparatus and instruments; Electrotherapy instruments; Gynaecological instruments; High risk delivery resuscitation instruments; Hot therapy instruments; Instruments for analysing volatile mass in specimens under test (for medical use); Instruments for applying dental filling; Instruments for inserting surgical implants; Instruments for intraluminar sclerosation of varicose veins; Instruments for massage; Instruments for ophthalmologic examinations; Instruments for patient reconstruction; Instruments for patient rehabilitation; Instruments for prophylactic purposes; Instruments for rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids; Instruments for the construction of tissue anchored artificial eyes; Instruments for use in medical analysis; Instruments for use in post-operative colostomy; Instruments for use in post-operative fistulae; Instruments for use in post-operative ileostomy; Instruments for use in post-operative stoma; Interdental immobilization instruments; Lag screws in the nature of orthopaedic surgical instruments; Lamps for use with dental instruments; Lamps for use with medical instruments; Laser beam delivery instruments for medical use; Laser instruments for medical use; Laser light treatment instruments for medical use; Limb compression instruments; Manual massage instruments; Medical analysis instruments; Medical apparatus and instruments; Medical bags for apparatus and instruments (adapted or fitted); Medical diagnostic instruments; Medical hearing instruments; Medical instruments; Medical testing instruments; Medical therapy instruments; Suturing instruments; Trays for holding medical instruments; Trays for holding surgical instruments; Urethral catheterisation instruments; Electronic medical apparatus