Trademark: MAGSAFE 2128060
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
14 October 2020
Registration Date
14 October 2020
Renewal Date
14 October 2030

Baker McKenzie

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Computers; computer hardware; handheld computers; tablet computers; mobile telephones; smart phones; smart watches; computer software; computer software for setting up, configuring, operating or controlling mobile devices, mobile telephones, computers, computer peripherals and smart watches; application development software; computer game software; peripheral devices for computers, mobile telephones, mobile electronic devices; wearable peripherals for use with computers and mobile telephones; head mounted displays; headsets for use with computers, smart phones, smart watches, and smart glasses; display screens for computers, mobile telephones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smart watches, and smart glasses; keyboards, mice, mouse pads, printers, disk drives, and hard drives; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; digital audio and video players and recorders; audio speakers; audio amplifiers and receivers; motor vehicle audio apparatus; voice recording and voice recognition apparatus; earphones; headphones; microphones; computer chips; electronic payment and point of transaction terminals; encoded credit cards and card readers; electronic payment and point of transaction terminals; batteries; battery chargers; charging systems for battery operated appliances; charging apparatus; charging mats; charging docks; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docks, docking stations, and adapters for use with computers, mobile telephones and smart watches; interfaces for computers, mobile telephones, smart watches, and smart glasses; protective films adapted for computer screens; mobile phone chargers; mobile phone charging cases; smart watch charger; wireless chargers; wireless charging cases; carrying cases for cell phones; carrying cases for mobile computers; cases adapted for mobile phones; cell phone cases; cell phone covers; computer carrying cases; protective carrying cases for portable music players; protective cases for smartphones, namely, protective cases with integrated batteries for use with cell phones, mobile computers, earphones, tablets, and other portable handheld devices; protective covers for electronic reading devices; protective covers for smartphones; protective covers and cases for cell phones, laptops and portable media players; protective covers and cases for tablet computers; accessories, parts, fittings, and testing apparatus for all of the aforesaid goods