Trademark: PLANLEND 2123359
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
25 September 2020
Registration Date
25 September 2020
Renewal Date
25 September 2030

Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; calculators; calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; portable and handheld electronic devices for transmitting, storing, manipulating, recording, and reviewing text, images, audio, video and data, including via global computer networks, wireless networks, and electronic communications networks and electronic and mechanical parts and fittings therefor; computers, audio and video players, electronic personal organizers, personal digital assistants, computer peripheral devices; USB hardware; computer and memory storage devices, namely, blank flash drives, USB drives, digital USB storage cards and card readers; downloadable electronic publications; downloadable audio, video and audiovisual content provided via computer and communications networks; computer hardware; computer software; computer applications; application software; magnetically encoded cards including credit cards and debit cards; chip cards and smart cards; electronic funds transfer machines; electronic financial transaction apparatus; point of sale terminals; mobile point of sale terminals; automated teller machines (ATMs); electronic card readers for chip cards, smart cards and magnetically encoded cards including credit cards and debit cards; computer software including downloadable computer programs and recorded computer software; computer programs used in the provision of banking, financial, business advisory and/or business consultancy services; computer equipment used in the provision of banking, financial, business advisory and/or business consultancy services; computer software for processing electronic payments including via a mobile computer, mobile phone, smart phone or tablet; authentication software for controlling access to and communications with computers and computer networks; parts and accessories for the aforementioned goods
Class 35:
Advertising, marketing and promotional services; business management; business administration; business information; office functions; retail services; business retail and wholesale marketing advisory services relating to financial products; Internet marketing services including online advertising and directory services; public relations; business development services; business planning, analysis and organisation assistance, advice and consultancy; accountancy; tax preparation; arranging business introductions; business referrals services; business networking services; career counselling (employment advice and information); business surveys, appraisals, inquiries and research; collection, preparation, compilation, processing, retrieval and provision of business information, data, statistics and indices; online advertising; promotional advertising services; radio advertising; television advertising; advertising and promotion services provided via video broadcasts and other experiential media; promotion of goods and services; research of business information; conduct of business studies and preparation of business reports; negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; personnel management; economic forecasting and analysis for business and/or financial purposes; market analysis, research and monitoring services for business and/or financial purposes; promoting the goods and services of others over a global computer network; marketing, merchandising and distribution services (excluding transport); provision of assistance in the operation of franchises; computer assisted business information; business strategy services