Trademark: GETCREDITSCORE.COM.AU 2122193
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
22 September 2020
Registration Date
22 September 2020
Renewal Date
22 September 2030

FB Rice Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 35:
the provision of online processing of personal data including credit information, credit history, credit scoring and risk assessment; product, service and value comparison services; compilation and provision of third party products and services; compilation and provision of online directories; market research; operating an online marketplace for businesses and individuals to access financial services and financial deals; business intermediary services relating to the connecting of individuals and businesses with financial service providers, utilities providers, and insurance service providers; compilation and provision of price, value and feature information relating to the supply of third-party products and services including financial, insurance, utilities (being gas, electricity and water), Internet services, energy supply, investment, monetary, mortgage, credit card and financial products; product comparison of goods and services; product information services; comparison services, all relating to the characteristics, features and suitability of financial products; provision of ratings, reviews and information regarding businesses and service providers; online business introduction services; advertising, promotion and marketing services, including for others; dissemination of advertising for others; provision of space on websites for advertising goods and services; compilation of advertisements; advertising of the goods and services of other vendors, enabling customers to conveniently view and compare the goods or services of those vendors; business information services; on-line data processing services; compilation, analysis and retrieval of information and data; business management of communication networks; compilation and systemisation of information into computer databases; database management; advisory, information and consultancy services relating to all of the aforementioned services
Class 36:
Financial services; provision of credit risk, financial and asset information and reports; credit scoring and risk assessment services; information provision, advice, research, appraisal, analysis, credit enquiry and consultation in relation to the aforementioned services; assembling credit information on individuals and companies and providing credit reports; credit bureau services; provision of credit risk information; credit scoring, decision support and risk assessment services; credit, financial and asset equity report services including the provision of insolvency reports, comprehensive credit reports, credit and financial risk reports, financial health assessment, bankruptcy searches, bank opinions; provision of information relating to financial data, property summary data, property equity data, bankruptcy data, risk analysis and financial health assessment; electronic processing services relating to credit approval including the provision of credit, financial and asset reports; brokerage services; financial evaluation and assessment services; financial credit services; advisory services relating to the comparison of financial services; financial research; provision of news, articles and information relating to credit health, credit score, finance, insurance, money, and saving money; credit information, credit history, credit scoring and financial risk assessment for individuals and businesses provided via a commercial information agency; advisory, information and consultancy services relating to all of the aforementioned services