Trademark: HYUNDAI 2101178
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
03 July 2020

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Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Digital signage; digital signage monitors; digital signage display panels; point of sale terminals; automated food and beverage order kiosks; interactive computer kiosk systems comprised primarily of computers and computer touchscreens for use in purchasing foods; desktop computers; computer components and parts; computer docking stations; computer keyboard covers; notebook and laptop computers; computer motherboards; mounting racks for computer hardware; computer screen filters; screen protectors for digital or electronic tablets; computer servers; digital tablets; video cards; computer application software for use in implementing the internet of things (IoT); microcontrollers for internet of things (IoT) enabled devices; battery chargers; headphones; computer keyboards; computer mouse; electronic styluses; power adapters; audio speakers; data cables; uninterruptible power supply (UPS) apparatus; power cables; flash memory; SSD memory cards; data storage media; memory cards; magnetic storage and/or recording media of data; hard drives for computers; external computer hard drives; computer network-attached storage (NAS) hardware; computer monitors; computers featuring interactive video games; computer peripheral devices; headphones for video games; headsets for video games; computer printers; photo printers; printers and their parts; image scanners; electronic scanners; photo scanners; business card scanners; network routers; network servers; modems; network cards; network hubs; network communication switches; smartphones; apparatus for processing electronic payments; downloadable software for processing electronic payments; artificial intelligence robots; operating system programs; downloadable intelligent personal assistant software for voice recognition; downloadable software for controlling electronic wearable devices; downloadable software for controlling smart watches; home automation hubs comprised of voice-activated speakers; smart watches; earbuds; wearable computer peripherals; security terminals for authentification; electronic authentification cards; cameras; camera parts; connectors for electric lines