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Application Date
18 June 2020
Registration Date
18 June 2020
Renewal Date
18 June 2030

AJ Park

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Class 9:
Computer programs, recorded; computer operating programs, recorded; computer software, recorded; smart cards (integrated circuit cards); integrated circuit cards (smart cards); computer programs, downloadable; computer software applications, downloadable; security tokens (encryption devices); humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; chips (integrated circuits); electronic chips; microchips; computer chips; microchips (computer hardware); multiprocessor chips; high definition graphic chips; biochip sensors; electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits; printed circuits; printed circuit boards; integrated circuits; smartphones; wearable activity trackers; network communication apparatus; modems; switchboards; transmitters of electronic signals; transmitting sets (telecommunication); stored program controlled telephone switching apparatus; radios; radar apparatus; central processing units (processors); computer central processing units (processors); raster image processors; digital signal processors; digital voice signal processors; central processing units (processors) for processing information, data, sound and images; graphics processing units (GPU); graphics accelerators; electronic cards for processing images; chip cards; chip card readers; memory boards; memory expansion modules; computer motherboards; cards with integrated circuits; microchip cards; microcomputers; electronic circuit cards; semi-conductor memory units; semi-conductor memories; interface cards for data processing apparatus in the form of printed circuits; computer daughterboards; local area network (LAN) servers; network servers; computer network servers; internet servers; computer servers; web hosting servers; data processing apparatus; computer memories; computers