Trademark: ENOTIS 2095349
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
11 June 2020

Eleni Lambis

Goods and Services:
Class 35:
Advertising; Advisory services relating to advertising; Sponsorship (promotion and marketing services); Commercial management advisory services; Commercial management assistance; Commercial management consultancy; Business planning consultancy; Consultancy relating to business management; Consultancy relating to business organisation; Consultancy relating to business planning; Consultancy relating to business promotion; Corporate planning; Business research; Product marketing; Commercial business management; Business management; Commercial or industrial management assistance; Business planning; Business project management; Business project management services for construction projects; Business strategic planning; Project business management and administration; Business management of hotels; Management of business (for others); Administration of business affairs; Administration of businesses; Investigation services relating to business; Management assistance in business affairs; Business appraisals; Business negotiation of contracts (for others); Business negotiations; Business advisory services; Provision of information in relation to business administration; Provision of information in relation to business management; Provision of information relating to advertising; Provision of information relating to business; Provision of information relating to commerce; Provision of information relating to marketing; Compiling real estate brokerage listings; Providing business information; Providing commercial and business contact information; Economic information services for business purposes; Business management organisation consultancy; Business consultancy; Advice relating to business management; Advice relating to marketing management; Sales promotions at point of purchase or sale (for others); Business administration; Business administration advisory services; Business administration consultancy; Organisation and management of incentive and sales promotion programmes (frequent buyer programmes); Consignment services (sales); Organisation of housing and real estate displays and exhibitions for promotion or advertising purposes; Business surveys; Market assessment consultancy; Preparation of documents relating to business; Preparation of documents relating to taxation; Consultancy relating to the preparation of business statistics; Preparation of accounts; Preparation of business reports; Preparation of business statistics; Preparation of commercial reports; Preparation of publicity documents; Preparation of publicity material; Preparation of reports for marketing; Conducting exhibitions for business purposes; Conducting exhibitions for commercial purposes; Organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Organisation of trade expositions or shows for commercial or advertising purposes; Registry services (administration services being recording and maintaining lists and information for others); Arranging of contractual trade services for others; Production, organisation and presentation of fashion shows for advertising or promotional purposes; Retail services; Compilation of business information; Compilation of business statistics; Compilation of commercial information; Compilation of company information; Compilation of lists of prospective customers; Preparation of marketing plans; Writing of business project reports; Compilation and provision of online directories; providing commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services; Promotion and sale of naming and product supply rights (for others); Promotional services; Business consultancy services relating to marketing; Public relations; Market research; Marketing analysis; Conducting of market research; Market studies; Market analysis reporting services; Business analysis services; Business evaluation services; Business development services; Business strategy services; Business data analysis; Provision of business data; Provision of business information; Provision of business management assistance; Provision of business statistical information
Class 36:
Research services relating to finance; Research services relating to real estate; Advisory services relating to investments; Advisory services relating to money management; Advisory services relating to real estate ownership; Advisory services relating to real estate valuations; Investment business services; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Investment research; Financial information services; Business appraisals for financial valuation; Investment appraisal services; Financial appraisals; Agency services for the leasing of real estate property; Appraisal of real estate; Brokerage of real estate; Commercial real estate agency services; Evaluation of real estate; Financing of real estate developments; Leasing of real estate; Property sales services relating to real estate development; Providing information, including online, about insurance, financial and monetary affairs and real estate affairs; Provision of information relating to property (real estate); Real estate advisory services; Real estate agency services; Real estate assessment (financial); Real estate broking; Real estate consultancy; Real estate financing; Real estate investment; Real estate investment advice; Real estate investment management; Real estate investment services; Real estate management; Real estate services relating to property development; Real estate valuations; Rental of real estate; Subdivision of real estate (real estate services); Real property evaluation (financial); Commercial property investment services; Industrial investment; Financing of property development; Property sales services relating to property development; Property management; Financial advice; Securities advisory services; Leasing of property; Leasing of freehold property; Property valuation; Provision of information relating to financial services; Provision of investment information; Real estate acquisition (for others); Investment management; Financial management of investments; Financial market information services; Property portfolio management; Financial investment advisory services; Financial investment management services; Leasing of accommodation; Leasing of apartments; Leasing of office space; Apartment rental services; Residential investment advice; Advice relating to investments; Advice relating to mortgages for residential properties; Apartment house management; Rental of houses; Accommodation bureaux (apartments); Investment portfolio management services; Portfolio management; Financial management; Financial investment; Investment fund management; Investment information; Investment planning; Investment trust management; Investment trust services; Capital fund management; Financial management of funds; Venture capital management; Pension fund investment management; Corporate funds management; Unit trust investment; Unit trust management; Corporate trust services; Corporate trustee services; Financing services; Loan services; Financial services; Trust services; Financial payment services; Mortgage services; Land leasing services; Investment consultancy; Leasing of buildings; Commercial lending; Real estate selection and acquisition (on behalf of others); Investment analysis; Valuation of buildings
Class 37:
Building of commercial properties; Advisory services relating to building; Advisory services relating to building construction materials; Advisory services relating to building refurbishment; Advisory services relating to construction; Housing development (building and construction services); Advisory services relating to property development building and construction services; Property development (building and construction services); Building of apartment buildings; Building of bridges; Building of houses; Building of industrial properties; Building of offices; Building of roads; Renovation of buildings; Development of property (building and construction services); Real estate development (building and construction services); Building project management; Building project management (building construction supervision); On site building project management; Advisory services relating to the construction of buildings; Construction of buildings; House building; Redevelopment of buildings; Project preparation relating to building renovation; Property maintenance; Provision of information in relation to building construction; Building construction; Building construction advisory services; Building construction consultancy; Building construction supervision; Building consultancy services; Building contractor services; Cleaning consultancy and advisory services; Apartment refurbishment services; Advisory services relating to the alteration of buildings; Advisory services relating to the renovation of property; Advisory services relating to the repair of buildings; Warehouse construction and repair; Factory construction; Reclamation of land; Building and construction of real estate subdivisions and developments; Building and construction services; Housing construction; Development of land (construction); Civil construction services; Construction; Construction consultation; Providing construction information; Providing information, including online, about building construction, and repair and installation services; Provision of construction information; Road construction; Structural engineering services (construction); Supervision of building construction; Supervision of construction; Supervision of construction projects; Demolition of buildings; Advisory services relating to the maintenance of buildings; Maintenance of buildings; Building services; Building sub-contractor services; Building cleaning; Advisory services for maintenance; Road building; Road marking; Road paving; Wrecking of buildings (demolition); Repair, maintenance and installation advisory services; Repair, maintenance and installation consultancy services; Building maintenance; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Cleaning of public buildings; Cleaning of building exteriors; Cleaning of building interiors; Cleaning of building sites; Cleaning of buildings (exterior surface); Cleaning of buildings (interior); Maintenance and repair of utilities in buildings; Maintenance, installation and repair of household items and equipment; Restoration; Restoration of buildings; Roof restoration; Building refurbishment services; Interior refurbishment of buildings; Refurbishment; Refurbishment of buildings; Car wash; Car washing; Motor vehicle wash; Vehicle wash; housekeeping services (cleaning services); Caretaking services; Janitorial services; Janitorial cleaning services; Installation of fittings for buildings; Interior decorating; Painting and interior decorating services; Cleaning of hotels; Land clearing; Land reclamation
Class 42:
Advisory services relating to building design; Advisory services relating to industrial design; Advisory services relating to interior design; Advisory services relating to the planning of premises; Off site building project management; Project management (design); Architectural project management; Engineering project management services; House design; Building design services; Commercial design services; Commercial interior design; Design of building interiors; Design of buildings; Design of business premises; Design of interior decor; Design of interior decoration; Design of kitchens; Design of layouts for offices; Design of office space; Design of printed material; Design of shopfittings; Design of shops; Design services; Design services for architecture; Furnishing design services; Interior decorating design; Interior design services; Retail design services; Shopfitting design services; Styling (industrial design); Real estate planning; Sustainability assessment services for buildings and developments; Environmental consultancy services; Provision of information relating to environmental sustainability; Provision of information relating to industrial design; Energy use and conservation consultancy; Environmental sustainability consultancy services; Product design; Product development; Research and development of new products for others; Research and development of products; Designing and planning of real estate subdivisions and developments; Architectural services relating to land development; Architectural consultation; Architectural services; Landscape architectural services; Construction drafting; Surveying of land; Structural engineering services (design); Engineering services relating to architecture; Building inspection services (surveying); Quantity surveying; Inspection of buildings (surveying); Building and structural inspection services (engineering, quality assessment, and surveying services); Engineering surveys and inspections; Preparation of reports relating to design; Design planning; Environment design services; Drawing-up of house plans; Preparation of drawings; Drawing up of plans; Shop design; Design consultancy; Land surveying
Class 43:
Hotels; Accommodation rental agency services (hotel); Agency services for booking hotel accommodation; Appraisal of hotel accommodation; Arranging hotel accommodation; Booking of hotel accommodation; Hotel accommodation reservation services; Hotel accommodation services; Hotel catering services; Hotel information; Hotel reservations; Hotel room reservation services; Hotel services; Reservation of accommodation in hotels; Reservation of hotel accommodation; Resort hotel services; Temporary accommodation (hotels, motels, resorts) booking and reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Temporary accommodation (hotels, motels, resorts) booking and reservation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; Travel agency services for making hotel reservations; Retirement homes; Tourist homes; Provision of information relating to hotels; Provision of information relating to the availability of accommodation; Provision of information relating to the booking of accommodation; Provision of information relating to the preparation of food and drink; Provision of conference facilities; Provision of facilities for conventions; Provision of facilities for exhibitions; Provision of hotel accommodation; Provision of lodgings; Provision of restaurant booking or reservations from customer loyalty and frequent buyer schemes; Provision of rooms (lodgings); Provision of self catering holiday accommodation; Provision of temporary accommodation; Provision of temporary lodgings; Provision of temporary office accommodation; Provision of tourist accommodation; Travel agencies for arranging accommodation; Travel agency services for booking accommodation; Travel agency services for reserving accommodation; Accommodation finding services for tourists; Accommodation finding services for travellers; Accommodation rental agency services (holiday apartments); Accommodation reservation services; Agency services for booking temporary accommodation; Agency services for the reservation of accommodation; Arrangement of accommodation for holiday makers; Arrangement of accommodation for tourists; Arrangement of accommodation for travellers; Arranging holiday accommodation; Arranging of temporary accommodation; Booking of accommodation for travellers; Booking services for accommodation; Consultancy and advisory services relating to the provision of temporary accommodation; Holiday home services (accommodation); Holiday information (accommodation); Holiday planning (accommodation); Holiday village services (accommodation); Hospitality services (accommodation); Information services relating to the provision of temporary accommodation; Providing information, including online, about services for providing food and drink, and temporary accommodation; Rating holiday accommodation; Reception services for temporary accommodation (management of arrivals and departures); Rental of holiday accommodation; Rental of temporary accommodation; Rental of tourist accommodation; Reservation of accommodation for travellers; Reservation of temporary accommodation; Reservation of tourist accommodation; Resort accommodation; Retirement home services (Provision of accommodation and food); Social clubs (Provision of accommodation); Temporary accommodation; Temporary accommodation reservation services; Tourist agency services (provision of temporary accommodation); Public house services; Guest houses; Boarding houses; Room rental; Inn keeping (bar, restaurant and accommodation); Restaurant services; Restaurants; Reservation of places at holiday resorts; Charitable services, namely providing food and drink catering; Providing food and drink; Club services for the provision of food and drink; Night club services (provision of food and drink); Hospitality services (food and drink); Lodging house services; Food and drink catering; Arranging of wedding receptions (food and drink); Arranging of wedding receptions (venues); Booking of catering services; Cafe services; Tea room services; Coffee shop services; Motels; Holiday lodgings; Snack bars (provision of food and drink); Takeaway food and drink services