Trademark: Little River Band 2094108
Little River Band
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
07 June 2020

O'Reilly Stevens Lawyers

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Pre-recorded motion picture videos; Pre-recorded music videos; Pre-recorded videos; Videos; Audio recordings; Pre-recorded DVDs; Recorded film; Video records in the form of discs; Audio discs; Pre-recorded compact discs (disks)(CDs); Record albums (discs); Records bearing entertainment material; Sound records; Music recordings; Records bearing songs; Digital audio tapes; Digital music (downloadable) from the Internet; Downloadable music files; Downloadable podcasts; Downloadable webcasts; Vinyl records; Recorded tapes; Electronic publications (downloadable); Recorded phonograph records; Pre-recorded audio records; Music tapes; Pre-recorded audio tapes; Audio cassettes; Pre-recorded cassettes; Pre-recorded motion picture films; Pre-recorded films; Sound recordings; Electronic and recorded multimedia publications; Digital music (downloadable) provided from MP3 web sites on the internet; Music reproducing apparatus (other than musical instruments); Music reproducing instruments (other than musical instruments); Musical cassettes; Musical recordings in the form of discs; Records in the form of cartridges; Apparatus for carrying images; Apparatus for carrying sound; Magnetic tapes for carrying digital information; Pre-recorded cinematographic films; Acoustic records; Tape recordings of songs; Electronic publications including those sold and distributed online; Downloadable ring tones for mobile phones; Sound recordings in the form of gramophone records; Books recorded on disc; Books recorded on tape; Magazines downloaded via the internet; Magnetic recordings; Recorded magnetic audio tapes; Recorded magnetic video tapes; Optical disc recordings; Pre-recorded optical tapes