Trademark: EMCLARITY 2093712
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
04 June 2020

Macpherson Kelley Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Microwave communications apparatus; Microwave communications instruments; Apparatus for receiving satellite broadcast signals; Microwave antenna for the reception of satellite data; Portable apparatus for receiving satellite transmissions; Satellite apparatus; Satellite communication apparatus; Satellite communications equipment; Satellite communications instruments; Satellite dishes; Satellite earth stations; Satellite receivers; Transmitting apparatus for satellite broadcast; Masers (microwave amplifiers); Electronic filters; Filters being electrical components; Filters for electromagnetic radiation; Fixed electronic signal filters; Radio-frequency filters; Wave filters adapted for use with microwaves; Frequency synthesizers; Frequency converters; Parabolic antenna; Electrical tracking apparatus; Radar apparatus; Mobile communication terminals; Low noise converters; Apparatus for electronic digital processing; Apparatus for electronic information processing; Apparatus for transmitting electronic signals; Cases adapted for electronic circuits; Cases adapted for electronic equipment; Casings for electronic devices; Circuits (electric or electronic); Electronic amplifiers; Electronic apparatus for providing communication links; Electronic apparatus for telemetry; Electronic apparatus for testing communication links; Electronic apparatus for the transmission of data; Electronic communication apparatus; Electronic communication installations; Electronic decoders; Electronic mixers for mixing signals; Electronic radio apparatus; Electronic signal generating apparatus; Electronic signal processing apparatus; Electronic signal transmission apparatus