Trademark: INVIS IS 2093617
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
04 June 2020
Registration Date
04 June 2020
Renewal Date
04 June 2030

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Class 9:
Computer software, namely, digital imaging software used to depict tooth and jaw movement and proposed treatment plans; computer software for use in the fields of dentistry and orthodontia; computer software used to provide, track and modify proposed courses of orthodontic treatment and patient data related thereto; computer software for dental professionals for use in evaluation of individual dentition and for planning orthodontic treatments and for use in restorative dentistry, in the preparation and fitting of crowns and bridges, and in restorative dental treatment; computer scanning software; digital dental impression software; computer-aided modeling software used to prepare 3D digital models of teeth and jaws; computer software, namely, software applications for use on mobile internet devices and non-downloadable computer software used in creation of individually customized courses of dental and orthodontic treatment; telemedicine systems consisting of computer software, computer hardware, and intra-oral scanning cameras used for dental and orthodontic digital image capture, storage, retrieval and transmission over telecommunications media; computer workstations for processing and displaying captured dental and orthodontic images for purposes of design of orthodontic appliances and dental prosthetics and monitoring patient treatments; computer software that provides real-time dental treatment planning by presenting it in an easy-to-understand user interface; downloadable computer software to allow customers to upload digital dental images; downloadable computer software for manipulating digital images uploaded by customers; downloadable marketing outreach and consumer engagement software that enables users to upload digital images; digital impression systems consisting of computer software and computer hardware, namely, central processing units, memory storage drive monitors and intra-oral scanners used for 3- dimensional digital image capture for use in the field of orthodontics