Trademark: AVENUE BANK 2089436
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
19 May 2020

King & Wood Mallesons

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Financial affairs; insurance; real estate affairs; monetary affairs; financial services; brokerage; investment services; banking services; finance and mortgage brokering; mortgage management; providing consumer finance products; advisory services relating to financing and home loans; financial services provided via a global computer network; finance and mortgage broking services provided via a global computer network; online financial information and online investment information; wholesale financial services; corporate financial services, institutional financial services; corporate, institutional, wholesale and retail lending services; loan services; financial analysis; portfolio administration; financial information and investment information; share brokerage; stock brokerage services; brokerage including securities, stock and bond brokerage; trading of shares; administration of shares; services offered by automated bank machines; bank, investment and savings account services; online financial affairs; online monetary affairs; online financial analysis; online portfolio administration; pension, retirement and superannuation services; financial planning; deposit services; provision of online financial calculators; electronic commerce payment services; mortgage and superannuation trusteeship; currency exchange services; wealth management and protection services; share trading; options trading; commodity trading; international banking services; bank account information services; financial evaluation services; research services relating to banking, finance, investment, management funds and real estate; electronic money transfer services; bank card services; financial and investment analysis and consulting services; information, consultancy and advice in relation to the foregoing