Trademark: HOPE'S 2086053
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
05 May 2020


Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Skincare cosmetics; Skincare preparations (cosmetic); Baby shampoo; Body shampoos (non-medicated); Hair shampoo; Herbal shampoo; Non-medicated hair shampoos; Non-medicated shampoos; Non-medicated shampoos for the hair; Preparations for the scalp (shampoo); Shampoos (non-medicated); Anti-sun preparations (cosmetics); Body creams (cosmetics); Cosmetics; Cosmetics for children; Cosmetics for personal use; Cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn; Cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin; Cosmetics for the use on the hair; Cosmetics for use on the skin; Cosmetics in the form of creams; Cosmetics in the form of gels; Cosmetics in the form of non-medicated lotions; Cosmetics in the form of oils; Cosmetics in the form of powders; Cosmetics preparations; Essential oils for use in cosmetics; Hair cosmetics; Moisturisers (cosmetics); Non-medicated cosmetics; Nourishing creams (non-medicated cosmetics); Oils for the body (cosmetics); Oils for the skin (cosmetics); Sprays for use on the body (cosmetics); Sun barriers (cosmetics); Sun blocking cream (cosmetics); Sun blocking lotions (cosmetics); Sun blocking preparations (cosmetics); Sun creams (cosmetics); Sun protecting creams (cosmetics); Sun screen preparations (cosmetics); Sun screening preparations (cosmetics); Sun skin care products (cosmetics); Tissues impregnated with cosmetics; Body soaps; Cosmetic soaps; Non-medicated soaps; Baby bath preparations (non-medicated); Baby lotions, not medicated; Non-medicated washing creams; Washing preparations for personal use; Babies' creams (non-medicated); Bath creams, not medicated; Cleansing creams (non-medicated); Cocoa butter in the form of creams; Conditioning creams; Cosmetic creams; Dermatological creams (other than medicated); Moisturising creams (cosmetic); Moisturising skin creams (cosmetic); Non-medicated cream for the hands; Non-medicated creams; Non-medicated creams for hydrating the skin; Non-medicated creams for moisturising the skin; Non-medicated creams for personal care; Non-medicated creams for protection against the sun; Non-medicated creams for protection of the skin; Non-medicated creams for softening the skin; Non-medicated creams for soothing the skin; Skin care creams (cosmetic); Skin cleansing cream (cosmetic); Skin creams (cosmetic); Skin discomfort cream (cosmetic); Barrier lotions; Bath lotions, not medicated; Body lotions (other than for medical purposes); Cocoa butter in the form of lotions; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Non-medicated cleansing lotions; Non-medicated facial lotions (cosmetic); Non-medicated hair lotions; Non-medicated lotions; Non-medicated skin care lotions (cosmetic); Non-medicated skin lotions; Non-medicated suntan lotions; Body sprays (non-medicated); Non-medicated sprays for use on the body (toiletries); Facial washes; Facial washes (cosmetic); After shower creams (non-medicated); Babies' bath preparations (non-medicated); Beauty creams (non-medicated); Body care preparations (non-medicated); Body care products (non-medicated); Conditioners for treating the hair; Conditioners for use on the hair; Conditioners in the form of sprays for the scalp; Hair conditioner; Hair conditioners; Skin conditioners; all of the foregoing excluding non-medicated creams, ointments and preparations for the relief of symptoms related to cardiovascular conditions, cancers, disorders or calcium metabolism, or infections