Trademark: M MIDASBUY 2083151
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
22 April 2020

Shelston IP Pty Ltd.

Goods and Services:
Class 35:
advertising; promotion of financial and insurance services, on behalf of third parties; advertising via mobile phone networks; commercial information agency services; ordering services for goods for others; bill presentment services; publicity; price comparison services; on-line ordering services; administrative processing services in the field of goods delivery; administrative processing of purchase orders; administration, billing and reconciliation of accounts on behalf of others; marketing services; business intermediary services relating to mail order by telecommunications; Wholesale store services featuring downloadable electronic gift certificates; business marketing; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; on-line auctioneering; compilation of statistics; Retail store services featuring downloadable software for electronic money payment; Business intermediary services relating to the purchase and sale of IC cards incorporating functions of electronic money payment; Sales promotion for others; Provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; Retail services connected to the sale of computer game software, video games, computer games, game programs, downloadable games, accessories for computer games and video games, computer game and video game expansion packs, downloadable content for computer games and video games, downloadable in-game points and virtual currency for computer games and video games; Distributorship (not being transport) services in the field of computer game software, video games, computer games, game programs, downloadable content for computer games and video games; Retail of virtual game currency; Retail of third-party pre-paid cards for the purchase of multimedia content and downloadable content for computer games and video games; Information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid
Class 36:
electronic payment for others; charge card and credit card services; providing information relating to financial and monetary affairs; financing services; payment and receipt of money as agents; financial services for the management of prepaid credit cards with membership card function; brokerage of mobile and internet payment; mobile and internet payment services; brokerage of mobile payment; mobile banking; issuance of cyber money; credit card and payment card services; credit scoring services; online banking; banking; securities trading and investing services for others via the internet; electronic payment for others; providing information, consultancy and advice in the field of finance; electronic bill payment services; bill consolidation services; issuance of membership credit card; e-wallet payment services; issuance of electronic coupons in the nature of tokens of value via smart phones; processing of payment transactions for electronic money; Aggregate payment service facilitating integration of bankcard payments, Internet payments and mobile payments using near-field communication (NFC), remote communication and image recognition; Aggregate payment service for multiple payment channels; Fund settlement and reconciliation services; Electronic processing and transmission of bill payment data rendered via an application interface enabling online merchants to access multiple payment channels and integrate customer management processes on an out-sourced basis; Virtual currency exchange; Virtual currency services; Virtual currency transfer services; Issuing tokens of value; Issuing of computer game and video game currency; Financial and monetary services; Information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid
Class 42:
transaction authentication and verification services; hosting computer sites (web sites); software design and development; development of IT security software; electronic storage services for archiving databases; designing and developing web pages; design services relating to computer systems; provision of on-line support services for computer program users; consultancy services relating to software used in the field of e-commerce; computer programming; rental of web servers; design and development of computer systems; conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion; technical survey services; providing search engines for the internet; installation, maintenance and repair of computer software; computer virus protection services; creating, designing and maintaining web sites; updating and adapting of computer programs according to user requirements; providing on-line support services for computer program users; development of computer software for security management; constructing an internet platform for electronic commerce; Design and development of computer hardware; Designing websites for advertising purposes; Application service provider (ASP) services; Hosting computer software applications of others; Cloud computing; Providing temporary use of online, non-downloadable e-commerce software to allow users to conduct electronic business transactions in online marketplaces via a global computer network; providing temporary use of online non-downloadable software conducting electronic banking and financial services via the Internet, telecommunication networks and mobile devices; Software as a Service (SaaS); Software for providing an online marketplace; Platform as a Service (PaaS); Technical support services relating to computer software and applications; Information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid