Trademark: TAT 2082247
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 April 2020
Registration Date
17 April 2020
Renewal Date
17 April 2030

Enes Tat

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
advisory services relating to credit; credit (financing); credit bureaux; credit card services; issuance of credit cards; financial credit services; instalment credit financing; credit account insurance brokerage; credit insurance underwriting; provision of credit cards; credit card registration services; issuing of credit cards; consumer credit services; credit rating agencies; credit union services; advice regarding credit; revolving credit services; insurance services relating to credit; financing of personal loans; payment transaction card services; issuance of letters of credit; mortgage insurance; export credit management; mortgage financing services; provision of trade credit; provision of online mortgage repayment calculators; preparation of credit reports; mortgage lending; loan services; debit card services; personal loan services; mortgage banking; preparation of credit rating reports; provision of credit information; financing of home loans; provision of mortgage loans; provision of credit rating reports; processing of debit card payments; provision of mortgage loan insurance; secured loans; bank card services; mortgage loan services; mortgage loans; financial loan services; provision of credit rating; provision of credit; revolving credit securities; provision of consumer credit; mortgage banking insurance; loan financing; national debt collection; debt collection agencies; debt recovery agency; factoring of debts; recovery of debts; debt recovery; debt collecting; debt factoring; debt restructuring; collection of debts; mortgaging; debt advisory services; reclamation of outstanding debts; debt management services; equity financing; bailiff services (debt collection); debt collection agency services; mortgage investment management; mortgage advice; provision of mortgage funds; organising of debt collections; lending on mortgage; insolvency services (financial); instalment loans; tax consultations (financial); provision of consumer loans; financial banking; loans against securities; provision of instalment loans; provision of real estate loans; syndicated loans; provision of secured loans; provision of loans; financial appraisals; provision of mortgages; financial valuations; organisation of financial collections; organisation of monetary collections; organising financial collections; organising of charitable collections; collection of financial information in relation to credit repair; collection of credit sales; debit collection; collection of payments; organising of collections