Trademark: BAROSSA CENTRAL 2081316
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
14 April 2020
Registration Date
14 April 2020
Renewal Date
14 April 2030

Piper Alderman

Goods and Services:
Class 35:
Retail and wholesale services; advertising; marketing; publicity; business management, business administration; association services being the promotion of the interests of members of the association; association services being the provision of business support or advice; collective bargaining services; buying services; procurement services for others; collection of data; business advisory services; collecting business information and statistics; commercial lobbying services; compilation of business directors; information and advisory services relating to the foregoing; Business management assistance; Administration of business affairs; Administration of businesses; Commercial information agencies; Commercial or industrial management assistance; Compilation of information into computer databases; Employment agencies; Management assistance in business affairs; Marketing research; Personnel recruitment; Retail services; Advertising; Office functions; The bringing together, for the benefit of others, a variety of goods (excluding the transport thereof), enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase the goods; Marketing; Dissemination of advertising material; Rental of advertising space; Demonstration of goods; Direct mail advertising; Distribution of samples; Organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Outdoor advertising; Sales promotion (for others); Shop window dressing; Office management services (for others); Business research; Business data analysis; Consultancy relating to business organisation; Organisation and management of incentive programmes; Distribution of goods (not being transport services) and wholesale of goods; Business administration; Charitable services, namely organising and conducting volunteer programmes and community service projects; Charitable services, namely the recruitment, organisation and deployment of volunteers; Sponsorship (promotion and marketing services); promotion of the interests of the members of the co-operative; intermediary business services relating to the commercialisation of goods; provision of business support or advice; business advisory services relating to the operation of business co-operatives; organisation, operation and supervision of a business co-operative; provision of assistance (business) in the operation of a business co-operative; co-operative business trading services; promotion of business co-operatives; business management assistance; bartering services (facilitating the trade exchange of goods and services); providing information, including online, in relation to the above services