Trademark: PW 2080821
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
14 April 2020
Registration Date
14 April 2020
Renewal Date
14 April 2030

Jurisbridge Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Accommodation bureaux (apartments); Accommodation rental agency; Apartment house management; Apartment rental agency; Apartment rental services; Evaluation of real estate; Housing agency services; Land leasing services; Lease purchase finance; Lease-purchase financing; Leasing of accommodation; Leasing of apartments; Leasing of buildings; Leasing of farms; Leasing of freehold property; Leasing of houses; Leasing of office space; Leasing of property; Leasing of real estate; Lending against securities; Lending against security; Lending on mortgage; Property leasing (real estate property only); Property sales services relating to property development; Property sales services relating to real estate development; Property valuation; Provision of home loans; Provision of housing accommodation; Provision of permanent housing accommodation; Provision of real estate loans; Rating valuation services; Real estate acquisition (for others); Real estate advisory services; real estate affairs; Real estate agencies; Real estate agency services; Real estate agents services; Real estate appraisal; Real estate appraisals (valuations); Real estate assessment (financial); Real estate brokerage; Real estate broking; Real estate consultancy; Real estate financing; Real estate insurance services; Real estate investment; Real estate investment advice; Real estate investment management; Real estate investment services; Real estate lease renewal services; Real estate lease surrender services; Real estate leasing; Real estate management; Real estate selection and acquisition (on behalf of others); Real estate services relating to property development; Real estate services relating to real estate development; Real estate valuations; Rent collection; Rental of accommodation; Rental of apartments; Rental of automated teller machines; Rental of buildings; Rental of commercial premises; Rental of farms; Rental of houses; Rental of office space; Rental of offices; Rental of offices (real estate); Rental of offices for co-working; Rental of permanent dwellings; Rental of property; Rental of real estate; Rental of safety deposit lockers; Rental of serviced offices (real estate); Research services relating to real estate; Valuation of assets; Valuation of buildings; Valuation of capital stock; Valuation of property; Valuation of real estate