Trademark: tiiik 2080122
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 April 2020
Registration Date
08 April 2020
Renewal Date
08 April 2030

Michael Morehead

Goods and Services:
Class 36:
Advisory services relating to (financial) risk management; Advisory services relating to financial investment; Advisory services relating to financial matters; Advisory services relating to financial planning; Agencies for the exchange of financial operations; Bonding (provision of financial guarantees); Brokerage services relating to financial instruments; Card operated financial services; Clearing (financial); Clearing house financial services; Clearing-houses (financial); Collection of financial information; Commodity trading (financial services); Computerised financial services; Consultation services relating to financial matters; Crowd funding services being the collection of financial donations; Discount card services (financial services); Emergency financial services; Estate planning services (arranging financial affairs); Financial advice; Financial affairs; Financial banking; Financial brokerage; Financial clearing house service; Financial credit services; Financial exchange services; Financial fund management; Financial information services; Financial intermediary services; Financial investment fund services; Financial leasing; Financial lending; Financial loan services; Financial management consultancy relating to insurance; Financial management of capital investment funds; Financial management of investments; Financial management of pension funds; Financial management of reimbursement payments for others; Financial management of securities; Financial market information services; Financial nominee services; Financial payment services; Financial savings services; Financial securities; Financial services; Financial sponsorship of education, training, entertainment, sporting or cultural activities; Financial transaction services; Financial trust management; Financial underwriting; Monitoring of financial portfolios; Personal financial banking services; Personal financial planning advisory services; Personal financial planning services; Providing financial information via a web site; Providing information, including online, about insurance, financial and monetary affairs and real estate affairs; Provision of financial information via an online calculator; Provision of online financial calculators