Trademark: HONOR XTRA 2076636
Trademark Type
Fancy, Figurative
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
06 January 2020
Registration Date
06 January 2020
Renewal Date
06 January 2030


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Security surveillance robots; wearable video display monitors; selfie lenses; laboratory robots; teaching robots; USB data lines or data cables; USB data lines or data cables for mobile phones; downloadable mobile phone software applications; touch screens; television apparatus; electric plugs; electric sockets; intercoms; digital door locks; alarm central units; sensors; downloadable emoticons for mobile phones; computer operating programs, recorded; liquid crystal displays (LCD) with large screens; electronic diaries; flat panel displays; liquid crystal displays (LCD); electronic pens; video image printers; portable digital electronic scales; holders for mobile phones; wrist-mounted smartphones; television apparatus for vehicles; computer styluses; computer programs, downloadable; touch screen pens; 3D spectacles; smartglasses; smartwatches; smartphones; wearable activity trackers; cases for smartphones; covers for smartphones; protective films adapted for smartphones; selfie sticks (hand-held monopods); digital photo frames; microphones; portable media players; sound transmitting apparatus; camcorders; cameras (photography); computer keyboards; mouse (computer peripheral); pedometers; monitoring apparatus, other than for medical purposes; computer hardware; computer memories; integrated circuit cards (smart cards); transponders; cabinets for loudspeakers; network communication apparatus; modems; sleeves for laptops; electric batteries; chargers for electric batteries; mobile power source (rechargeable batteries); tablet computers; covers for tablet computers; stands adapted for tablet computers; flexible flat panel displays for computers; laptop computers; notebook computers; bags adapted for laptops; headphones; earphones; virtual reality headsets; digital video recorder for vehicles; set-top boxes; loudspeakers; video monitors; connected bracelets (measuring instruments); computer programs, recorded; computer software applications, downloadable; optical lenses; switchboards; transmitters of electronic signals; transmitting sets (telecommunication); gas testing instruments; scales; black boxes (data recorders); interactive touch screen terminals; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; electronic sheet music, downloadable; smart rings; audio interfaces; electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments; equalizers (audio apparatus); digital weather stations; biochips; infrared detectors; electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus; security tokens (encryption devices); fingerprint identifier; human face recognition devices; stored program controlled telephone switching apparatus; radios; air analysis apparatus; materials for electricity mains (wires, cables); video screens; integrated circuits; electronic chips; bathroom scales; scales with body mass analyzers; personal digital assistants (PDAs); computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; thin client computers; thermal imaging cameras; hand-held electronic dictionaries; computer screen saver software, recorded or downloadable; computer software, recorded; downloadable graphics for mobile phones; wearable computers; telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewellery; selfie sticks for mobile phones.