Trademark: YANE 2073849
Trademark Type
Figurative, Fancy
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
06 March 2020
Registration Date
06 March 2020
Renewal Date
06 March 2030


Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Cosmetics; Essential oils for use in cosmetics; Facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics; Tissues impregnated with cosmetics; Perfumed soaps; Bar soap; Shaving soap; Non-medicated soap-based handwashes; Non-medicated soaps; Facial soaps; Cakes of soap; Body soaps; Toilet soap; Essential oils; Perfumery; Dry shampoos (non-medicated); Hair shampoo; Hair lotions (non-medicated); Non-medicated hair lotions; Cosmetic preparations; Make-up; Hair care products; Hair conditioner; Hair strengthening treatment lotions; Hair styling lotions; Hair balm; Hair gel; Lipsticks; Hair moisturisers; Scented oils; Beauty care preparations; Non-medicated skin care products; Hand cream; Body moisturisers; Body scrubs; Shower gels; Body lotions (other than for medical purposes); Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Skin toners; Sunscreens; Exfoliants; Eye moisturisers for cosmetic use; Aftershave moisturising preparations; After sun moisturisers; Products for beauty care; Beauty care products; Conditioning creams; Mascara; Barrier creams for the skin; Nail polish; Beauty creams (non-medicated); Cosmetic kits; Non-medicated shaving lotions; Polish; Lip liners; Lip gloss; Non-medicated lip balms; Hair care preparations; Hair rinses; Hair mousse; Hair cream; Skin cleansers; Hair conditioners; Hair preparations; Styling lotions for the hair; Deodorants for personal use; Nail care preparations; Non-medicated creams for the eyes; Dentifrices; Astringents for cosmetic purposes; Pomades for cosmetic purposes; Shaving creams; Non-medicated foot creams; Non-medicated creams for the lips; Hair dyes; Hair spray; Facial cleansers; Toilet preparations; Depilatories; Make-up removing preparations; Impregnated pads containing cosmetic preparations; Eye pads for cosmetic use; Cotton pads for cosmetic use; Hair lacquer; Hair oil; Non-medicated hand lotion; Hand cleansers; Hand barrier creams; Essential oils for cosmetic purposes; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; Body paint for cosmetic purposes; Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Cotton wool for cosmetic purposes