Trademark: ALISPORTS 2073074
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 March 2020
Registration Date
21 August 2017
Renewal Date
21 August 2027

Ashurst Australia

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; computer programs; software for processing electronic payments to and from others; authentication software; computer software supplied on the Internet; computer software for interactive entertainment, which allows users to customize the viewing, listening, and playing experience by selecting and arranging the display and performance of audio, video and audiovisual elements; downloadable audio, visual, and audiovisual files and recordings, featuring multimedia entertainment programs and content; online electronic publications (downloadable from the Internet or a computer network or a computer database); instant messaging software; file sharing software; communications software for electronically exchanging data, audio, video, images and graphics via computer, mobile, wireless, and telecommunication networks; computer software in the form of an application for mobile devices and computers; software applications for use with mobile devices; computer software for processing images, graphics, audio, video, and text; downloadable computer software to facilitate the electronic transmission of information, data, documents, voice, and images over the Internet; downloadable computer software which allows users to participate in web-based meetings and classes, with access to data, documents, images and software applications through a web browser; downloadable computer software for accessing, viewing, and controlling remote computers and computer networks; downloadable cloud-computing software; downloadable cloud-based software; downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines, articles, brochures, leaflets, datasheets, informational materials, instructional materials in the field of business, e-commerce, information technology, cloud computing, telecommunications, the Internet, business and e-commerce training, business, sales, marketing and financial management; computer software, computer peripherals; notebook computers; laptop computers; portable computers; handheld computers; personal digital assistants; personal media players; mobile telephones; smart phones; digital cameras; batteries, battery chargers; computer workstations; computer servers; computer and telecommunications networking hardware; computer network adaptors, switches, routers and hubs; wireless and wired modems and communication cards and devices; laptop holders, computer bags; fire-extinguishing apparatus; computer hardware and firmware; computer software (including software downloadable from the Internet); automobile navigation system; compact discs; digital music (downloadable from the Internet); telecommunications apparatus; mouse mats; mobile phone handsets; mobile phone accessories; downloadable games, pictures, motion pictures, movies and music; alarm systems; security cameras; mobile radio and television broadcasting units; television broadcasting equipment; cameras; video cameras; headphones; telephone ear pieces; speakers; Global Positioning System (GPS) apparatus and equipment; computer, electronic and video games programmes and software (including software downloadable from the Internet); liquid crystal displays for telecommunications and electronic equipment; set top box; remote control; data storage programs; spectacles and sunglasses; electronic signboards; encoded or magnetic bank credit, debit, cash and identification cards; automatic teller machines, cash dispensers; computer software applications, downloadable; electronic book readers; toner cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers; baby monitors; video baby monitors; lens hoods; tablet computers; encoded key cards; 3D spectacles; memory cards for video game machines; vehicle radios; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; automatic steering apparatus for vehicles
Class 28:
Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles; decorations for Christmas trees; figurines being toys; plush novelty figurines; stuffed toy figurines; board games; balls for games; dolls; dolls' beds, clothes, feeding bottles, houses and rooms; doll accessories; doll playsets; mah-jong; skateboards; soap bubbles (toys); toy mobiles; teddy bears; carnival masks; electronic games and amusement apparatus other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor (apparatus for -); home video game machines and hand held video game machines, none being for use with television receivers; toys; action skill games; action figures and accessories therefor; card games; children's multiple activity toys; badminton sets; balloons; basketballs; bath toys; baseballs; beach balls; bean bags (toys); bean bag dolls; toy building blocks; bowling balls; bubble making wands and solution sets; chess sets; children's play cosmetics; Christmas stockings; collectable toy figures; crib mobiles (toys); crib toys; disc toss toys; electric action toys; equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; fishing tackle; golf balls; golf gloves; golf ball markers; hand held unit for playing electronic games; hockey pucks; inflatable toys; jigsaw puzzles; jump ropes; kites; magic tricks; marbles; manipulative games; mechanical toys; music box toys; musical toys; parlor games; party favors in the nature of small toys; party games; playing cards; plush toys; puppets; roller skates; rubber balls; soccer balls; spinning tops; squeeze toys; stuffed toys; table tennis tables; target games; tennis balls; toy action figures; toy bucket and shovel sets; toy vehicles; toy scooters; toy cars; toy model hobbycraft kits; toy figures; toy banks; toy trucks; toy watches; wind-up toys; toys with spinning tops and spinning discs; paper party favors; paper party hats; marionette, puppetry articles; toy models; ball pitching machines; masks (playthings); parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods
Class 35:
Advertising; advertising, promotional and public relations services relating to motor vehicles; business management; business administration; office functions; organization, operation and supervision of loyalty and incentive schemes; advertising services provided via the Internet; production of television and radio advertisements; accountancy; auctioneering; organization of trade fairs; opinion polling; data processing; provision of business information; advertising agency services; advertising services provided for others; database management; compilation of information into computer databases; business consulting services; business consulting services in the field of web based events, conferences, training programs, learning programs, and seminars; business consulting services in the field of delivering web-based knowledge; business consulting services in the field of online collaboration and collaboration technologies; business consulting services in the fields of sales and marketing; business project management services; business project management services relating to development, set up, staging, production, recording, monitoring and follow-up for web based events, conferences, training programs, learning programs, and seminars; market research and business consulting services; business consultancy services relating to facilitating the transaction of business via local and global computer networks by locating and providing referrals for the delivery of a wide variety of business and consumer products and services; dissemination of business information of goods and services of others via local and global computer networks; business consultancy services relating to providing a web site on a global computer network by which third parties can offer and source goods and services, place, determine the status of and fulfill trade leads and orders, enter into contracts and transact business; providing computerized online ordering services; advertising of goods and services of others via local and global computer networks; international import and export agency services; rental of advertising space on communication media; online trading services relating to electronic auctioneering and providing online business evaluation relating thereto; online retail services of consumer products; providing a directory of third party web sites to facilitate business transactions; business consultancy services relating to operating an electronic marketplace for the buyers and sellers of goods and/or services on a global computer network; business assistance relating to facilitating business transaction via local and global computer networks; corporate management consultancy services; marketing and promotion services; publication of publicity materials; marketing of vacant premises; dissemination of advertising materials, updating of advertising materials, compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet; rental of advertising space; computer data processing; sales, business and promotional information services; telephone answering (for unavailable subscribers); telephone answering (for others); auctioneering provided on the Internet; personnel management; provision of sales, business, advertising and promotional information through a global computer network and via the Internet; presentation of goods on communication media for retail purposes; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods from a general merchandise Internet web site and in a wholesale outlet; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods from a general merchandise catalogue by mail order or by means of telecommunications; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods from retail outlets; retail and wholesale of telephones, mobile phone handsets, mobile phone accessories, electronic and telecommunications goods, computer hardware and computer software, batteries, battery chargers, apparatus and instruments for recording, receiving, transmitting and/or reproducing data, information, pictures, images and/or sound, precious metals, jewellery, precious stones, printed matter, stationery and magnetic and non magnetically encoded cards, furniture, picture frames, household and kitchen utensils, glassware, porcelain and earthenware, textiles, clothing, footwear, headgear, laces and embroidery, buttons, ribbons, pins and needles, artificial flowers, carpets, rugs, games and electronic toys, chemicals used in industry, science, photography and agriculture, paints, varnishes and lacquers, personal hygiene products, soaps, perfumery, cosmetics, hair and body lotions, essential oils, cleaning and bleaching preparations, lubricants, fuels, candles, pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations, ironmongery and small items of metal hardware, machines and machine tools, cutlery, razors and hand tools, computers, calculating machines, electrical, photographic, cinematographic and optical apparatus and instruments, spectacles and sun glasses, surgical and medical apparatus and instruments, apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes, vehicles, firearms, fireworks, silverware, horological and chronometric instruments, musical instruments, magazine, cards, paper and cardboard products, picture, typewriters and office requisites, packaging materials, rubber and plastics for manufacture use, packing and insulating materials, leather and imitations of leather and goods made from these materials, handbags, purses, wallets, leather holders, bags, luggage, umbrellas, mirrors, ropes, string, nets, tents, yarns and threads for textile use, coat hangers, place mats, dressmaker's articl; es, bed and table covers, playthings and sporting articles, foodstuffs and beverages, meat, fish, poultry, preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables, jams and fruits sauces, eggs, milk and milk products, edible oils and fats, coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, flour, bread and cakes, condiments, fresh fruit and vegetables, beer, mineral water, fruit juices and other non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic beverages, floral products, tobacco, smokers' articles and matches; direct mail advertising; buying and selling agency services for others; selection of goods and procurement of goods for individuals and businesses; ordering services (for others); department store retailing services; supermarket retailing services; wholesaling and retailing services relating to the sale of motor vehicles and parts and accessories for motor vehicles; secretarial services; provision of business statistical information; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; business assistance services relating to compilation and rental of mailing lists; business investigation; business administration services for the processing of sales made on the Internet; business referral services and personnel placement; import-export clearance agencies (import-export agency services); agency for newspapers subscriptions; document reproduction; transcription (including stencil-paper writing); rental of office equipment; customer relationship management; business management services relating to electronic commerce; business management and administration services relating to sponsorship programmes; accounting services; charitable services, namely business administration relating to organizing and conducting volunteer programmes and community service projects; rental of sales stands; provision of commercial and business contact information; search engine optimization; web site traffic optimization; pay per click advertising; commercial intermediation services; business management for freelance service providers; negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; business project management services for construction projects; providing business information via a web site; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to the aforesaid services; none of the aforesaid services being in the field of institutional food services or food services for public establishments
Class 41:
Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; publication of texts, books and journals (others than publicity texts); publication of diagrams, images and photographs; publication of newspapers, magazines and periodicals; education, training and instruction services relating to telecommunications, computers, computer programs, cloud computing, web site design, e-commerce, business management, financial management and advertising; provision of education, recreation, instruction, tuition and training both interactive and non-interactive; design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; entertainment provided via electronic and digital interactive media; organizing and operating clubs for enthusiasts of automobiles and for owners of automobiles; entertainment in the nature of automobile races; electronic games services provided by means of the Internet; provision of information relating to education, training, entertainment, recreation, sporting, social and cultural activities; providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); arranging, organizing, hosting and conducting singing competitions; arranging, organizing, hosting and conducting concerts; arranging, organizing, hosting and conducting events and competitions for education or entertainment purposes; arranging, organizing, hosting and conducting game shows and quests; entertainment ticket agency services; information relating to entertainment or education, provided online from a computer database or the Internet; providing digital music (not downloadable) from the Internet; providing digital music (not downloadable) from MP3 (Moving Picture Experts Group-1 audio layer 3) Internet web sites; entertainment and education services relating to planning, production and distribution of sound, images, digital music, movies, live or recorded audio, visual or audiovisual material for broadcasting on terrestrial cable, satellite channels, the Internet, wireless or wire-link systems and other means of communications; music entertainment services; rental of sound recordings; preparation of entertainment, educational, documentary and news programmes for broadcasting; news reporters' services; information relating to sporting or cultural events, current affairs and breaking news provided by satellite television transmission, the Internet or by other electronic means; television programmes, radio and film production; premium or pay television programming services and television programming services; planning of TV entertainment programs; provision of entertainment information, multimedia content, TV entertainment programs and provision of films online; preparation and production of television programmes; provision of information, data, graphics, sound, music, videos, animation and text for entertainment purpose; game services; provision of club recreation, sporting and gymnasium facilities; band performances; club entertainment, discotheque, fashion show and night club services; club services relating to entertainment, education and cultural services; arranging, conducting and provision of conferences, conventions, congresses, seminars and training workshops; arranging, conducting and provision of conferences, conventions, congresses, seminars and training workshops in relation to telecommunications, computers, computer programs, cloud computing, web site design, e-commerce, business management, financial management and advertising; organizing and conducting exhibitions, fashion shows, educational shows and cultural shows and performances; art exhibition and gallery services; art gallery services relating to fine arts leasing; training services in relation to occupation health and safety, and environmental conservation; provision of cigar classes, wine tasting classes; providing education information about research materials and agency thereof; arranging, organizing, planning and management of seminars; animal training; direction in producing broadcasting programs; instructional services relating to operation of machines and equipment, including audiovisual equipment used for the production of broadcasting programs; providing audio and visual studios; providing sports facilities; providing facilities for movies, shows, plays, music or educational training; entertainment booking agencies; rental and leasing of motion pictures (cine-films); rental and leasing of musical instruments; rental and leasing of television programmes; rental and leasing of television sets; lending libraries; archive library services; subtitling services; sign language interpretation services; providing video games, computer games, sound or images, or movies through telecommunication or computer networks; providing online computer games and contests; rental of pre-recorded video tapes; rental and leasing of game machines; lending of arcade game equipment; lending of pictures; photography; translation; language interpretation; educational and training programs in the field of risk management; educational and training programs relating to certification; provision of news; lottery services; providing online videos, not downloadable; tutoring; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to the aforesaid services
Class 42:
Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto, industrial analysis and research services; design of automobile manufacturing systems; design and development of computer hardware and software; computer support services in connection with transmitting information, data, documents, and images over the Internet; software as a service (SaaS); application service provider (ASP) services, namely, hosting computer software applications of others; application service provider (ASP) services providing software in the fields of web-based conferencing, audio conferencing, electronic messaging, document collaboration, video conferencing, and voice and call processing; providing online non-downloadable software for facilitating the interoperability of multiple software applications; technical support (technical consultancy) services relating to computer software and applications provided online, by email and by telephone; computer services, namely, creating an online community for registered users to participate in discussions, get feedback from their peers, form virtual communities, engage in social networking, and exchange documents; computer technology advice provided to Internet users by means of a support hotline; computer service relating to creating indexes of information, sites and resources on computer networks; providing search engines; design of computers, notebook computers, laptop computers, portable computers and handheld computers; design of personal digital assistants and personal media players; design of mobile telephones and smart phones; design of digital cameras; computer programming; computer integration services; computer analysis services; computer programming in relation to the defence against virus; computer system software services; computer software design; computer system design; design and development of webpages; hosting webpages for others; hosting computer application software for searching and retrieving information from databases and computer networks; providing technical information in the field of mobile computing, digital technology, computer networks, and cloud services at the specific request of end-users by means of telephone or global computer network; consultancy services in relation to computer software; computer services relating to customized searching of computer databases and websites; computer and electronic signal coding and decoding; conversion of physical data and documents into electronic media format; product testing and evaluation services; architectural and design services; interior designs of buildings, offices and apartments; computer and computer network information services; provision of computer security risk management programs being testing and security risk assessment services; computer security information, knowledge, and testing services; quality assurance services; computer services relating to certification of business transactions and preparation of reports therefor; access control to (computer security services for-) computers, electronic networks and databases; security of data transmission and of transactions via computer networks; consultancy in the field of data security; technological consultancy concerning securing telecommunications; computerized communication network security services; providing information in the fields of Internet, world wide web and computerized communication network security; consulting services in the fields of Internet, world wide web and computerized communication network security services, information security services; authentication services for computer security; computer services in relation to online authentication of electronic signatures; off-site data backup; electronic data storage; providing information on computer technology and programming via a web site; cartography services; cloud computing; cloud hosting provider services; providing temporary use of non-downloadable cloud-based software and cloud computing software; electronic storage of data; providing virtual computer systems and virtual computer environments through cloud computing; rental of entertainment software; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to the aforesaid services; none of the aforementioned services relating to the design of equipment for providing food and drink