Trademark: 23rd & MADISON 2073035
23rd & MADISON
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 March 2020
Registration Date
03 March 2020
Renewal Date
03 March 2030

Michael Buck IP

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Acrylic false nails; Adhesives for cosmetic purposes; Bases for perfumes; Bases for make-up; Bath preparations, not for medical purposes; Bath products, not medicated; Bathroom cleaning preparations; Beauty care preparations; Beauty care products; Body care preparations (non-medicated); Body care products (non-medicated); Breath fresheners; Chemical preparations for the hair; Cleaning oils for cosmetic purposes; Cleaning preparations for the teeth; Cleansing products for removing make-up; Cleansers for the face; Cologne impregnated disposable wipes; Colouring preparations for cosmetic purposes; Conditioning preparations for the hair; Cosmetic articles for personal use; Cosmetic goods for care of the skin; Cosmetic preparations for skin tanning; Cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; Cosmetic products for protection against the sun; Cosmetic soaps; Cosmetics for children; Cosmetics; Cosmetics in the form of nail polish; Cream perfumes; Cuticle oil; Dental bleaching gels; Deodorants for personal use; Depilatory products; Essential oils; False eyelashes; Exfoliants; Fixatives for the hair; Fragrances; Glitter for cosmetic purposes; Hair care products; Hair curling preparations; Hair grooming preparations; Hair spray; Hand care preparations; Leather care products; Liquid soaps (non medicated); Make-up; Make-up preparations; Make-up removing preparations; Materials for strengthening nails; Mineral oils (cosmetic); Mineral water sprays for cosmetic purposes; Moisturising preparations (cosmetic); Nail polish removers (cosmetics); Natural oils for cosmetic purposes; Paper wipes impregnated with cosmetic preparations; Pastes for cleaning shoes; Pastes for polishing leather; Pedicure preparations; Perfume; Perfumed articles; Perfumed burning sticks for perfuming the air; Powders for cosmetic purposes; Polishing preparations; Pre-shave preparations; Preparations for toning the body; Pumice stone; Reed diffusers; Room fragrances; Sanitary preparations (other than for medical purposes); Shaving preparations; Sprays (preparations) for wigs