Trademark: JOIN THE EVOLUTION 2072353
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
28 February 2020
Registration Date
28 February 2020
Renewal Date
28 February 2030


Goods and Services:
Class 28:
Park playground apparatus; Apparatus for playing sports; Apparatus for use in outdoor sporting activities; Articles for use in ball games; Balls for playing sports; Beach balls; Rugby footballs; Apparatus for use in playing the game of rugby; Apparatus for use in training for the game of rugby (sporting equipment); Soccer balls; Basketballs; Basketball hoops; Basketball baskets; Tennis balls; Articles for use in playing the games of tennis; Golf balls; Golf tees; Sporting articles for playing the game of golf; Apparatus for use in golfing; Volleyballs; Volleyball nets; Netballs; Netball positional patches (bibs); Articles for use in playing cricket; Apparatus for use in the game of cricket; Flying disks; Shock absorption pads for protection against injury (sporting articles); Protective padded articles for use in playing a specific sport; Protective paddings (parts of sports suits); Pads for protecting the body against accident or injury (adapted for sports); Safety restraints for use in sports; Men's athletic supporters (sports articles); Head caps for wear when playing rugby football; Arm pads adapted for use in sporting activities; Elbow guards (sports articles); Fist guards (sporting articles); Fist protectors (sporting articles); Hand protectors adapted for sporting use; Abdomen protectors (parts of sports suits); Hip-guards specially made for playing sports (parts of sports suits); Leg guards adapted for playing sport; Leg guards (shin guards) for wear when playing soccer; Leg guards (cricket pads); Protective padded articles for use in playing the game of cricket; Knee guards adapted for use whilst playing sports; Knee pads adapted for use whilst playing sports; Shin guards (sports articles); Shin pads (sports articles); Grips for sporting articles; Grip bands for tennis rackets; Sporting bags (shaped to contain apparatus used in playing sports); Bags adapted for carrying sporting articles; Bags adapted to carry sports implements; Golf tee bags; Golf bags, with or without wheels; Sport bags adapted (shaped) to contain sporting equipment; Cricket bags; Playing field cones and markers; Corner flags for sports; Flags for use in sports training; Flags for use in sports umpiring or refereeing; Pumps especially adapted for use with balls for games; Needles for pumps for inflating balls for games