Trademark: 2071703
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
26 February 2020
Registration Date
26 February 2020
Renewal Date
26 February 2030

Spruson & Ferguson

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Covers for smartphones and mobile phones; cases for smartphones and mobile phones; protective cases for smartphones; other accessories designed for smartphones or mobile phones; application software; application software for smart phone; downloadable computer software applications; downloadable smart phone application (software); application software for use in increasing business productivity; videoconferencing apparatus, equipment and software; software for real-time conferencing; computer hardware; tablet computers; computer peripheral devices; computers; mobile telephones / cell phones / cellular phones; smartphones; smartwatches; amplifiers; headphones; horns for loudspeakers; intercommunication apparatus; scanners [data processing equipment]; loudspeakers; microphones; projection apparatus; slide projectors; smart glasses; sound recording apparatus; remote control apparatus; cabinets for loudspeakers; cameras [photography]; cinematographic cameras; data processing apparatus; electronic book readers; electronic pocket translators; eyewear; selfie sticks [hand-held monopods]; battery chargers; telephone apparatus; television apparatus; virtual reality headsets; measuring apparatus; optical apparatus and instruments; sound alarms; electrical adapters; air analysis apparatus; animated cartoons; answering machines; anti-interference devices [electricity]; anti-theft warning apparatus; audiovisual teaching apparatus; biometric identity cards; invoicing machines; time recording apparatus.