Trademark: SHAPE CAPITAL 2071050
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
23 February 2020


Goods and Services:
Class 35:
Business advisory services; Business advisory services relating to the management of businesses; Advisory services relating to business acquisitions; Arranging business introductions; Business acquisition searches; Business acquisitions; Business acquisitions consulting services; Consultancy relating to business acquisition; Business advice; Business consultancy; Business consultancy to firms; Professional business consultancy; Strategic business consultancy; Advice relating to business management; Business management; Business management advice; Business management advisory services; Business management consultancy; Commercial management advisory services; Conducting of business appraisals; Conducting of business feasibility studies; Consultancy relating to business mergers; Consultancy relating to business planning; Consultancy relating to the establishment and running of businesses; Corporate management consultancy; Distribution of prospectus; Distribution of prospectuses; Economic analysis for business purposes; Economic forecasting; Economic forecasting analysis for business purposes; Economic forecasting for business purposes; Evaluation of business opportunities; Management advisory services for businesses; Negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; Negotiation of business contracts for others; Preparation of business reports; Project business management and administration; Provision of business assistance; Research services relating to business; Business consultancy services relating to management of fund raising campaigns; Business consultancy services relating to the marketing of fund raising campaigns; Business consultancy services relating to the promotion of fund raising campaigns; Business consultancy services relating to the supply of quality management systems
Class 36:
Acquisition for financial investment; Advancement of funds; Advice on fiscal valuations; Advice relating to investments; Advisory services relating to finance; Advisory services relating to financial investment; Advisory services relating to financing; Advisory services relating to investment finance; Advisory services relating to investments; Advisory services relating to money management; business brokerage; Business appraisals for financial valuation; Capital fund investment; Venture capital fund management; Capital investment advisory services; Computerised financial services; Conducting valuations; Conducting of financial transactions; Corporate finance consultancy; Corporate finance services; Corporate financing; crowdfunding; Cryptocurrency investment consultancy; Equity financing; Financial advisory services; Financial advisory services for companies; Financial asset management; Financial consultation services; Financial evaluations; Financial intermediary services; Financial investment; Financial investment advisory services; Financial investment fund services; Financial management advisory services; Financial management of capital investment funds; Financial management of finances; Financial management of financial assets; Financial management of funds; Financial management of investments; Financial management of securities; Financial portfolio management; Financial services; Provision of information relating to financial services; Financial transaction services; Financial underwriting; Financial valuations; International fund investment; Investing of funds; Consultations relating to investment; Financing of investments; Investment; Investment advice; Investment analysis; Investment asset management; Investment banking; Investment business services; Investment consultancy; Investment consultations; Investment fund management; Investment information; Investment management; Investment management of funds; Investment of funds; Investment performance monitoring; Investment portfolio management services; Investment research; Portfolio investment management; Provision of investment capital; Provision of investment information; Provision of investment services; Preparation of financial analyses; Preparation of financial balance sheets; Preparation of financial reports; providing financial information; Provision of finance; Provision of financial information; Registration of shares; Research services relating to investment; Securities advisory services; Securing of funds; Securities analysis; Securities brokerage; Securities broking; Securities exchange services; Securities investment services; Securities management; Trading in securities; Valuation of portfolios of securities; Share exchange schemes; Share management; Share planning services; Share portfolio management; Share registration; Share services; Share underwriting; Trading of shares; Trading in equities; Valuation of assets; Venture capital financing; Venture capital management